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Unfortunately it's a bit buggy. Hiding the menubar (default: alt+2) hides it and switches to the firefox button, but it doesn't bring it back.

Hiding everything (default: alt+6) only hides the tab bar temporarily, until I open a new tab or close one. Plus you can't hide the tabbar alone

Hi, thank you for the review.

Hiding the menubar is now supported by firefox without any add-on : just press alt once and it will show ( the shortcut was in Quicktoolbars before it was supported by firefox, and I haven't updated the add-on for a long time ).

You can add a shortcut to hide the tabbar in the "Other toolbars" tab in Quicktoolbars options window :
- ctrl + shift + a : bring the add-on tab;
- find Quicktoolbars in the list and click on "Options";
- "Other toolbars" tab;
- change settings for "TabsToolbar";
- don't forget to press "Save toolbar";
- restart firefox.

I hope it helps.

Note that I haven't time to work on the add-on any more.