Icon of QuickPageZoom

QuickPageZoom 1.6.3 Requires Restart

by Juan Carlos Avila B.

Bored of using complicated keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/zoom out web pages?

This simple yet useful extension adds two icons to the status bar and two context menu items that enable quick access to the Full Page Zoom feature (Page Zoom In, Page Zoom Out and Reset Page Size).

Includes an Options Dialog (accessible through the add-ons manager) which enables the user to show/hide user interface elements.

Uninstall QuickZoom/QuickZoom-CM
Please note this extension replaces QuickZoom and QuickZoom-CM extensions, which won't work with Firefox 3.0. If you were using QuickZoom/QuickZoom-CM and upgraded to Firefox 3.0, please be sure to UNINSTALL QuickZoom/QuickZoom-CM before you install QuickPageZoom.