Praise, thanks, works fine in FF29.0 (and usability gripe 29.0) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Still works nicely with Awstralis, I'm relieved to say.
One of the essentials.
Much praise and Thank you.

I have put the [JS] button on the nav bar (for emergencies!), and the [QJ] button in the new C̶r̶o̶m̶e̶ FF tweak panel.

That nav bar is going to fill up very quickly with status indicators!! I hope all indicator icons I use there will soon have a 'microscopic' option. (It seems to be a mozilly decision to insist on biggish icons.)

One small usability gripe is that one can only change one option at a time in the [QJ]v drop-down; I change any one setting and FF bounces me out again, so I have to dig my way back down to change the next.
I suspect this too is more a FF usability imposition than anything else (?).

Even more confusing is that if I click the [QJ] itself, it toggles all settings but one never sees the change (because again, FF immediately bounces me out) - I would have to dig down again into FF tweaks if I wanted to check the status, but I guess I trust it by now (probably a bad decision...).

Also, it isn't explicit that right-click on the [QJ] will bring one to the hidden QJ option panel, something one finds by guesswork. For new users it might be advantageous to have an explicit "options" choice in the drop-down. It's moot.

btw, what does "reload on change" mean?
Am I being dense or have I missed some documentation somewhere? (Reload what to what on change of what?)

One further question - when I toggle JS (or J) to 'off', does it actually stop/kill the relevant background processes, or does the setting apply only to new instances?
My preference would be for killing off rogues in the backbround.

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1) Yes, FF limits the types of buttons you can use and the dropdown automatically closes. When you click the QJ icon it should change colors to indicate the status of ALL of the items, the only time it doesn't do this is if not all of the items are the same status in which case it indicates On with a "!" next to it.

You could try using the custom style piece to remove padding and change the font size smaller to get smaller buttons.

The extension description clearly states in the Usage section that right clicking any visible QJ icon will display an ability to get into the options. There is also a menu for "Help and FAQ" and the main support site which answers some of your other questions (such as "reload on change"). Some settings apply immediately (such as CSS and I believe J,F & SL), while others apply to the next page load (such as JS, Images), these are controlled by the browser (JS used to be immediate) which is why I give you the option to reload the page on a change.