Invaluable Rated 5 out of 5 stars


Still 5★ but sadly overtaken by events - to whit, the HTML5 media player, so the utility of switching off Flash is sadly reduced.

Very useful on restart; it can stop cpu/gpu-intensive processes loading in the background, speeding up a restart when FF gets clunged up, & preventing background annoyances.

One of the best features was to allow me to switch off all the Adobe Crash player processor hogs, playing annoyingly in some un-findable background location (especially at restart).
Sadly, this no longer works so well as some sites intrude again with HTML5 video/audio, or even switch to HTML5 if Flash is unavailable.

These might be helpful for user, but I'm not sure how straightforward it would be to implement them
1) Add switches for whatever media player is appropriately installed. For Linux + Gnome this is often Totem {see e.g. WP /Totem_(software) }. Ditto mplayer etc. etc
2) Add a switch to halt HTML5 media plays (somehow)
3) Add a switch to kILL plugin-containe(r). I find in Linux that a >pkill plugin-container often frees up FF when it is slow or stuck, even if the container is quite small, not full of leaked memory. If this could be added to the 'off' Flash process, it might be advantageous for the average user.
4) It is wonderful, & necessary, to switch 'services' globally. In an ideal world, it would be really nice, additionally, to be able to switch things on/off for the current page only. That's probably a rather different extension - there are addons that do this piecemeal, but conversely they don't work globally.

There is some discussion here about the row of status/switch icons & their size.
Yes, a sensible reduction in the use of screen real-estate is often welcome. The spacing & size might benefit from being customisable.

However, I like to see - want to see - the status of each 'service' at a glance, not hidden away behind another button to click.
That would be an abomination, IMNSHO.

It's plain daft to hide status indicators. They needn't be too big, though, so long as they are clear.

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