one of the best firefox addons so far Rated 5 out of 5 stars

useful for general mozilla firefox- and tor-browser! my personal instructions: silverlight, images, style and (proxy) buttons always disabled and fadet out of the addon-bar! flash can be deactivated as well, (most of of the time) only if special buttons or animations e.g. youtube videos are needed! java also deactivated, only enable when needed, javascript is needed very often, so better leave it on, except when you're using tor-browser and want to surf anonymously, you need to activate all the buttons, so that nothing is enabled! just a few tor-sites, require javascript to be enabled, otherwise they don't work or are shown incorrectly! i can warmly recommend this addon, it best fits on the right at the bottom in the addon-bar!
greetings, poinkoho

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