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Excellent add-on, makes switching on/off JavaScript, Images, Flash etc. a single click opperation. I use it multiple times per day when doing web development.

Still using 1.7.2 (utilising Add-on Compatability Reporter) due to incompatability with Status-4-Evar. According to the QuickJava developer this issue is cause by Status-4-Evar. I have contacted the developer of that add-on to inform them of the issue.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for your review. You can use the "Show all versions" link to install 1.7.5, which is compatible with Status-4-Evar, before it finishes the review process. (For the record, I still stand by the fact that Status-4-Evar should not interfere with other add-ons, but since it was an easy enough fix and I had some other fixes I had to do I went ahead and did it.)