annoying pop-up message! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It keeps poping up an annoying message telling me to enter a username and a password. But since I copied my proxy from a free proxylist I don't know the password. When I close the message it just pops up again. -.-
That means that I can't really use my browser. I have to use IE right now. I don't feel like googleling for a solution right now... Example proxy which makes the message poping up:
Actually I would have to give 1 star, since it doesn't only not work but it also makes firefox unsuable. I would like to see an update which fixes this bug. After that I will edit my rating for sure.

Best regards,
Felix Focus

Edit: before I forget, I would like to see a featue which allows to simply use a proxylist. Or a windows in which i can paste a proxylist like:
you can just automatically do the rest like:
Name -> 124.678.901.23:80
HTTP Proxy -> 124.678.901.23:80
SSL Proxy -> 124.678.901.23:80
FTP Proxy -> 124.678.901.23:80
SOCKS Proxy -> 124.678.901.23:80

That would make things much easier. :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Password popup it is the firefox standard behaviour, this extension doesn't manage password.

The proxy you have used is password protected so every time you try to connect it ask you to insert the password. To stop the popup you have to edit the proxy with a new one.