How to use Proxmate? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I'll give a 3 of 5 review rating for now, for I just installed Proxmate, the installer page, here, says "No restart", so we don't need to restart Firefox for the add-on to be usable, and I don't see any way of being able to run it. No toolbar icon button was added and nothing was added to the Tools menu of Ffx. I also checked the linked support website, but found nothing there for support.
Similarly, I don't see how to toggle ProxTube on and off. There's apparently no Toolbar icon or button for the add-on, or if there is and I have it, then it must be the little square button with a sad expression for face, but passing the mouse pointer over the button gives no indicate of what the button is for. All Toolbar buttons should give some indicate of what they're for when either clicking on them, or just passing the mouse pointer over them.
In any case, I'm not finding any way to toggle ProxMate. If there's no need to toggle it and it just becomes automatically enabled when a video is from or directly at Hulu, then this isn't working.
Maybe it'll work after restarting Firefox, but in that case, "No restart" should be removed from the installer page for ProxMate.

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ProxMate should create a icon in the addon bar (a.k.a. the bottombar of firefox). It should look something like this -
The button also has a tooltip when hovering it. Also I just double checked it, no restart is required! I think you might picked a different addon?

Due to the hulu update, ProxMate for firefox needs a little workaround for unblocking hulu: Browse a video page you want to watch, reload the page and follow the instructions here -

This will be fixed in the next release though!