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Oh, what a great idea. That list of other search engines I could/should be using wastes a lot of guilt that could be going towards a good cause or something.

I haven't actually tried this out yet but the concept makes a lot of sense: if there are visual reminders of other search engines, color-coded and transparent at the bottom of my screen, I'll be inclined to click them.

I've previously not liked extensions that overlay stuff on top of search results pages because they are often buggy, very often laggy and even more often useless. However, if all this is doing is formatting a query string into a URL and giving me the option ... I hope it works out!

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Just what i need!!
Eliminates the need of opening a context menu [i.e. selecting text .. right clicking ... finding a context menu entry (which too you get if* u have installed an addon) .... searching through a list of engines u have & finally clicking]. The sad bit is you need to keep doing that over and over again during ure daily browsing experience & this makes it annoying/tiring. just highlight and click to search.
MAKE it compatible with fox 8.0.1!

Bug Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Here is what i did-
I searched for 'item1' from firefox awesome bar.
I got a google search result
Now i edited the search item to 'item2' on google search page box.
Then i clicked to wiki and bing boxes of this addon.
But i got still 'item1' results on bing and wiki (possibly because on google search after editing to item2 the url wasn't updated to item2)

Rated 3 out of 5 stars

It's really really cool idea but I was hoping for something much less obtrusive.