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Ty Evans is at it again. Is this guy for real?! Would he like a list of programs that do the very thing he disputes?! Better Privacy is the better choice but Privacy+ does work.

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Check these files in your computer:drive c>users>default>appdata>roaming>macromedia and drive c>users>(your computer name)>appdata>roaming>macromedia. Anything after "macromedia"(in that file) are LSO's and you must delete them NOW. Better Privacy deletes the second file I listed. The first file IT DOES NOT. Delete the first file's LSO's manually using right-click context menu's "delete" option. Use Quick Java(here at Mozilla's website) as an add-on to disable Java and Javascript to begin with(LSO's cannot get in that way). Only enable Java and Javascript if the website you are using calls for it and it is something important, not just entertainment. This will keep you safe and your computer private. Have a good one!