Great idea, but blocks useful cookies, not just social networking cookies Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I've been noticing that I periodically can't log into various websites, and when I look at my cookies exceptions list, I find lots of legitimately useful sites set to "BLOCK." As soon as an existing cookie expires, this setting causes Firefox to reject new cookies, and affected sites refuse to recognize me, often giving no error message whatsoever. After months of this periodic annoyance, I finally figured out that certain sites get added the moment I visit certain pages on their domain. This allowed me to troubleshoot and find the culprit. It's Priv3 0.2 that's causing this problem (in many versions of Firefox, up to at least 23.0, on Windows 7 x64)

Priv3 is adding sites to my cookie block list, and not just suppressing social media tracking cookies, as described on the extension's homepage. This is a significant problem, and makes the extension pretty much unusable. I love the idea of Priv3 and what it's supposed to do, but adding domains to the Firefox cookie block list periodically is a show-stopper.

I'll happily re-enable this extension if this problem is resolved, because I think it provides a truly useful function.