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Version 3.2.2 has the ability to ignore the addon along with the value and/or both. It works well with no bugs on FF 19.0.2. You have to format your ignore setting in RegExp (Regular Expression) and it is case sensitive. Some people may have a problem understanding that so this is what you do:

If the info bar for TweakNetwork addon says: (Preferences Monitor: 'tweak' changed the value of "network.http.max-connections"):
Then to ignore tweak changing the value network.http.max-connections would be:

Or you could ignore all changes made to network preferences by using:

Or you could ignore all changes by the add-on:

In RegExp a single (non-escaped) dot means everything.

separate each setting by using a ;

It would be nice to have a windows type ignore list instead of having to know how to format the settings but thats no problem for me and I recommend this plugin to keep watch on your about:config file. There must already be a whitelist for some programs because not all addons set it off.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Some windows-based whitelisting editing may comes later, if the user base grows :-)

Thanks for your review