PawsTrail Version History

2 versions

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Version 221.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 56.*

  • Fixed a bug which didn't show the paw at sites like
  • Fixed the display of thumbnail images which had ) or ( in their url.
  • Added the text '(Shift + G)' to the like/unlike options at the drop down menu.
  • Clicking Enter in order to select a suggestion at the Sharing & Contacts management interfaces does not close the interface window.
  • URL's which are written in chats are now displayed as clickable links.
  • Every window interface can be closed by clicking on the ESC button.
  • The reply icon which appear at the bottom right of the screen when viewing a shared page changed to paw with descriptive text on it.
  • Automatic re-login system.
  • Debugged the adding and removing of contacts at chat windows.
  • Fixed the on page GUI location which at some sites was wrong.
  • A new chat icon was added which tell that there r unread messages (messages which the user got notified about already but didn't read).
  • The Log In page now got a link to display the introduction video.
  • The Log In page now got a "popup" description box which explain why we need users to create an account.
  • Debugged the Log In page which didn't work if it got refreshed.

Version 205.7 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 9.*

  • Bug fix to the sharing mechanism display.
  • Bug fix to avoid referring to a yet to be created image at browser startup.