Amazing addon! I've a feature request Rated 5 out of 5 stars

edited : 4-4-2013

Thanks for hakuhin (Developer), your warmth and sincerity!!

I enjoy the enriched webpages with images and on-page multimedia playback,
on the pages I want, by following your detailed instructions.

Both of firefox and chorme in my rig, is powered by powered by "PageExpand".


Thanks for making such a awesome addon for public.

And, I would like to use the "Expand Image > Display thumbnail aside" feature on other sites (e.g. google calendar / (to-do-list online ).

However, this feature seems only functioning on particular site.
Please let me know if there's a setting to enable it on other sites.

Thanks alot!

Expand Image
If there is a URL of the image, Display thumbnail. (By default, execute only in particular site.)


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

need "URL Mapping Setting"

(If the PageExpand v1.1.0)

01. Open "PageExpand Setting".
02. Select "URL Mapping Setting" from the menu on the left.
03. Attention to "List of URL Mapping Setting".
04. Click the "add" button.
05. The new item is added to the list.
06. Select "new item" from the list.
07. Attention to "Enable Setting".
08. Enable the checkbox.
09. Attention to "URL to allow the operation".
10. Write the URL you want to execute. (Can be used an asterisk.)
11. Attention to "Expand Image Define".
12. Select "Thumbnail" from the combobox.

The order of the "URL mapping list" is important.
Will be compared with the order from top to bottom.
If "current URL" and "allow URL" match, adopt that setting.
Item named "Default" will match all URL.