Workaround to install Outlook 2003 Silver on Firefox 3 RC1 Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Finally managed to get the Outlook 2003 Silver theme to install on Firefox 3 RC1. Here's the workaround. You will need the zip app WinRar.


* Right-click on the 'Add to Firefox' icon under 'Version 3.0.0', select 'Save Link As', click Save

* Navigate to the just saved 'outlook_2003_silver-3.0.0-fx.jar' file

* Right-click on 'outlook_2003_silver-3.0.0-fx.jar', select 'Open' (or 'Open with' if .jar is already associated with an app)

* Double-click on 'WinRar' (contents of .jar should appear)

* Double-click on install.rdf (if asked, open with 'Notepad')

* Find the line that says 3.0b2 (your version may differ)

* Change the 3.0b2 to 3.0.* (note the dot after 0, must be .0*)

* Exit install.rdf, click Save > when asked to update archive, click 'Yes'

* Open Firefox > Tools > Add-ons > Themes, Drag & Drop 'outlook_2003_silver-3.0.0-fx.jar' into 'Themes'

* Click 'Restart Firefox'