5.0.1 still has problems... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

1. Context menu clicked over a link doesn't work...
2. Is Version 5.0.1 a special SeaMonkey build? AMO now interprets the developer to quit support FF (Try AMO Search for FF Add-ons, looking for Open With).
BTW, the option button now works fine! (Thanx)
==== March 31, 2011 ====
I tried re-install (cleaning configs like "extensions.openwith.*")... but the same problem still happens.
As you mentioned it, I use many add-ons which also use context menu...It's possible conflicting with other add-ons. But context menu on a tab or a web page NOT hovering over a link works properly. Peculiar...

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1. Working okay for me. Have you got something else installed which changes the context menu?
2. Aaargh noooo! I hadn't considered that AMO might do that. :-(