не работает в ff35 Rated 1 out of 5 stars

not work in ff35

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I found a little bug/problem that only occurs when I activate this plugin: closing a popup window asks to close all tabs on firefox 4 browser.
The same error seems to happen on other plugins, see https://support.mozilla.com/es/questions/796858
I use Win7,32bit,Spanish and FF6, but in FF5 it happened also.

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Sorry to say it doesn't open any of the supported document types in my Firefox 5 setup. When right clicking a link or the document itself, the "Open Document in Google-Docs" doesn't appear anywhere. Looked on the menus as well, and no joy there either.


Could you please give me an accurate description of the problem? Any error messages appearing in the console? Are you sure the link you are trying to click on has a file extension of (for example) .pdf?

I am running Firefox 5 currently and the addon still works as advertised.

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This addon is so great! I don't need to download a file before viewing the content and then find out that document is not what I want. Furthermore, it's compatible with Firefox 5!

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Yep i'm hundred percent sure it's addon glitch. Tabs order in Panorama boxes crash and mix together when I switch between panorama view and back. I've tried this on several clean profiles.

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Nice add-on!
Is it possible to add option to "Open Documents in Google Docs" when right clicking on Google search results?

That is a great suggestion, I will try to add it a future release. However, I have noticed that Google will sometimes display a "Quick View" link under a search result for a doc. Clicking that will go to the Google Docs Viewer.