Good addon but bug needs to be fixed Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Good add-on overall but reporting a bug (sorry to report here instead of via email/site...but site didn't work for me and didn't see an email)...

In some cases, the predictive text results are overwriting text being typed into the address/search bar.

To Recreate:
1) From a fresh install regular/portable FF v22: close the starting tabs, install most recent Omnibar, restart FF, and Ctrl+Shift+Del to clear history

2) You will be opening 3 tabs, get the URLs ready in notepad and paste the first 2:
Tab 1 - URL of this addon from
Tab 2 - URL of Google homepage

3) In 3rd tab, begin typing "mozilla". On "m", you should see it replaced with the URL from Tab 1.

As you then type "oz", it will overwrite all but the first char of the URL and leave you with "hoz" instead of "moz".

I would expect the URL of tab 1 to appear below where I'm typing, but not actually overwrite my input (in this case the "m" of "mozilla").

To anyone else experiencing this issue, I have found that the foobar addon also gives combined search/address bar functionality without having this bug. I haven't tried any advanced searches but basic searches and google search operators such as "-" seem to work correctly.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for reporting the issue in detail. Somehow I missed this while you reported it. It was reported by another user too. It seems to happen due to Firefox autocomplete replacing m with the https address of an existing tab. This should be fixed once I find a way to stop Firefox from autocompleting m to the "Switch to tab" URL.

Edit: Latest update should fix it now by disabling show in tab.