what was nice, just got better. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you (Спасибо)

I've been using on openSuSE Linux for some time now and really like it, but....
This latest update is,,,, wow.
I really love that you are using 'system font' for the menus. My system default is comic and i love how it looks in the menus. I'm getting old and this is nice clean, bold and Very easy to see..

Oh yeh, Thank You for 'fixing' the 'bookmarks' popup interface.... Much Nicer!
the yellow was, yuck. lol
one more thing. This seems like a simple 'little thing', but you seem to be the only one that has done it. I like how if I what a bookmark folder that is not in the 'short list', as soon as i click on the expand down arrow, it expands. I don't have to click elsewhere first, to get the 'short list' to collapse. Like i said, a little thing, but more often than not, they are what count.

with respect,

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