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Love NoSquint.

...is there a keyboard shortcut,
or other easy way to TEMPORARILY suspend
the NoSquint COLOR SETTINGS on a site ?

I need to only STOP the special COLOR SETTINGS
for a short time,
but leave the Zoom level
as I've chosen previously...for ex. 120%.

NoSquint really helps me read
(White letters on Green bkg with 120% Zoom!).

But...when NoSquint is "active",
certain page elements, photos, etc.
of some sites, do not render correctly, or not at all...

I'd like to quickly stop NoSquint
to "peek" at the current page with its natural colors
- and then quickly re-start NoSquint again...
(via mouse or kbd shortcut).

Any solution?

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Not yet, but soon

Unfortunately you can't do this right now, but it's coming in the next major release. See https://github.com/jtackaberry/nosquint/issues/7