Noscript is harder and harder to use with each passing day. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I finally disabled Noscript because it is too much work to make sites work with a minimum of permissions. Practically every site uses javascript these days, and many of them simply will not work without it.

Noscript needs to be set up more like adblock edge. You should be able to subscribe to site-specific rules that let the site run with the minimum permissions that it requires, but prevent it from running amok.

Adblock edge takes almost no effort for the typical user. You subscribe to Easylist and all the popular websites just work the way the adblock user wants them to. No problem! You can add custom rules if you need them, but you almost never need them. Noscript needs to work the same way.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Did you try "Allow globally" mode?

NoScript is a security tool, not an annoyance blocker like Adblock Edge, and as such even the minimal default whitelist, meant to make Google / Microsoft / Yahoo free services work out of the box, caused some outrage in the past among the most security conscious users. However, when you disabled or uninstalled NoScript, you've been shown the following text:

"By disabling or uninstalling NoScript, you give up ALL the protections provided by NoScript.

If you're just tired of handling script permissions site by site, there's a safer choice.

NoScript can stop blocking scripts, except those you mark as untrusted, while still protecting you with the most advanced security countermeasures against XSS, Clickjacking, CSRF and other web threats.

Do you really want to remove ALL the NoScript protections?"

Did you give this permissive yet protective mode a chance, before outright uninstalling?