Unsure how to use this? Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Just grabbed this yesterday, and have some tough questions about this addon:
A. I'm totally blind, so i have to use a screen reader full time to surf the web, let alone use a computer in the first place.
Using FireFox 12.0 Aurora in Windows XP Service Pack 3.
The screen reader i'm using is called NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access); can be tried by going to http://www.nvda-project.org and downloading a copy.
Most of the time, the extensions i manage to get going in FireFox work beautifully; Take the cases of NoScript, Noise, and WebVisum.
Standard dialog boxes are used where needed, and all controls (maybe 99% of them) are read perfectly.
This extension is a glaring exception to the rule.
NVDA does not read the text prompts next to the controls in the NoRedirect Options dialog;
Also, the table cells in the supplied table are not read at all (I.E., the text of the selected cell and column are not read at all; guessing it's supposed to be the highlighted NoRedirect rule i just selected.
NVDA just says "row", "row", "row" when i arrow up or down through the table entries.
B. i see at least 16 patterns of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" when i tap the Tab key on my keyboard to move between the different dialog box controls for this addon;
The edit boxes allow me to fill in the various entries;
I can toggle the checkboxes on or off, but I have absolutely no indication of the control's name at all.
Assuming there's various patterns i can fill in in these edit boxes and applying exceptions via the checkboxes.
One extremely handy edition to rendering text next to individual controls is to render text next to individual groups.
In this case, assuming there's 16 groups, the first pattern of "edit", "checkbox", "checkbox" I'm guessing is a default rule of some kind.
Maybe call this 'By default,'.
Then the individual checkboxes would have text next to them containing the control's name;
Huge note here; do not write 'checked' or 'unchecked' in the checkbox's name as part of the control; NVDA will indicate the condition of the checkbox as i change it.
C. No real documentation for this extension; kinda leaves me hanging, dazed, and confused…Lead Zeplin not included.