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Sound events can be very useful to persons with various visual impairments. Up until now, the only option that I'm aware of is Popup Sounds which is a good extension but it only allows for 3 specific sound events.

Soundsnap.com has thousands of free sound samples that you could use and offer in Noise or at least direct Noise users to it.

This is a great add-on and I appreciate the time and work that you put into it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0b1). 

Thank you for your interest in this extension.
Normally it's not necessary to restart Firefox to apply settings. so I'm afraid that is a bug (but I can't reproduce it)

And about a supporting forum, currently I choose google groups to help it. And manage FAQ or HOW TO on a homepageURL by myself. Not sure this is a good way. If everyone has any ideas, please feel free mail me or something, thanks!