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Great theme! I love the yellow, green, and red caption buttons at the right corner. I also love that it works with personas.

I have one question though: How do i get the gold back and forward buttons in this screenshot? https://static-ssl-cdn.addons.mozilla.net/img/uploads/previews/full/63/63843.png?modified=1324582878

I have changed the icons from regular to warm and back and have tried all of the options but cannot get the gold instead of blue back and forward buttons.
The theme is perfect except for that. I would prefer the gold buttons shown.

please help.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I think that you have not posted the right screenshot.
For the gold back and forward icons, I have no problem. You must enable the first line in the icons tab.
Can you post a screenshot of your browser in the support page and tell me the add-ons you have installed.