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Extremely good, especially the dark theme, but there are two noia themes (Noia 4 and Noia Fox). Both as good as the other so hard to make a choice.

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Thinking about browsing appearance, Noia Fox and Noia 4 are very close. But there are a lot of differences if you go to Firefox options, Add-ons configuration,...
Noia 4 is the successor of Noia 2 eXtreme and keep the same look for tabs, caption buttons, with a lot of tweak options.
With Noia Fox, internal appearance is very different (more rounded, more glossy, tabs for add-ons configuration are original, Mac like caption buttons for Windows,...).
Noia Fox Options are different. Noia Fox is a package with multi add-ons integrated (Tabs in the bottom of Firefox, Hide bars, Persona support, ...)
The two themes must be tested. Choose the one you like or the both themes.
Anyway, the winner is the Noia theme. If you add Noia 2 eXtreme, Noia 4 and Noia Fox we are 450.000 users.