Noia 4 Version History

87 versions

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Version 1.6.9 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.0a1

- (new) import/export Noia4 settings (only tested on Windows)
- (new) tab settings: set customized tab colors and default colors
-- (for custom tabs skins) -> tweaks -> page 6
- (fix) many fixes for devtools and all skin variations
- (change) Auroras/Nightlys "newTab"-page: Noia icons & background color
- (change) Nightlys "about:newaddon"-page centered

Note: Some settings need a browser restart. Please follow Theme Managers suggestions in its status area.

Version 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.0a1

- devtools inspector hotfix for FF12beta1 - FF14nightly

- (new) option to make prefwindows/dialogs less transparent (AeroGlass skins)
- (fix) border-radius and box-shadows fix for Aurora/Nightly versions
- (fix) minor glitch on "new-tab"-tab on non-gray skins
- (fix) dark skins missing line [AeroGlass+TabsOnTop]
- (fix) "about:newtab" page (FF13+) (again)
- (change) improved bottom toolbars font settings
- some additions to theme managers "about"-tab
- fixed minor glitches

Version 1.6.7 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1

- (fix) titlebar glitch below wincontrol buttons (Windows AeroGlass)
- (fix) listbox's checkbox images were displayed wrong in some cases
- (fix) optimized Malware/Attack error pages (AMO-Editors request)
- (change) added more dropmarker icons to navbar toolbarbuttons
- (change) Firefox button appearance on navbar optimized (for some ext.)
- (change) restored old newtab-buttons width on tabbar
- (change) added/optimized labels on theme manger for better understanding
- language updates
- minor other changes

Version 1.6.6 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1

- (new) Swedish language [thanks to Erik]
- (new) "about:newtab" page (FF12+) styled

- (fix) minor bug that could disable some sliders
- (fix) icon position on Tab group switcher extension
- (fix) rare height glitch on theme conf. fonts tab (since v1.6.5)
- (fix) minor appbutton glitch on Windows classic themes

- (change) theme configurator -> theme manager
- (change) theme manager window on/off icons for settings
-- (old ckeckboxes were confusing as they were radios with checkbox images overlay)

Note: Active settings have now a green OK icon, disabled settings a red cross icon. Hovering disabled settings will display a smaller green OK icon inside a yellow circle to indicate "this setting" can be enabled.

Version 1.6.5 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 13.0a1

- version bump to FF13a1 (nightlies)

- added files for styling "style inspector" (FF11+)

- (new options) replaced font options with colorpickers (*1)
- (new options) Firefox button (Aurora & Nightly style)
- (new option) semitransparent buttons (not toolbarbuttons)

- (fix) small glitch with full glass skins
- (fix) small glitch with darker gray skins (*2)
- (fix) higher tabs option and multirow tabs (*3)

- (ext. sup.) optimized "Aero Window Title" ext.
- (change) minor change on FF-button height (*2)
- (change) some label changes on th.conf. page 1
- (change) added link to NoiaScrollbars-ext. to th.conf. page 1

(*1) Colors/shadows customized on earlier versions have to be set again now using colorpickers on th. configurators font tab. Black skin users will have to reselect (white) colors or disable and reenable black skins again. Selecting black skins will enable automatically default white colors.
(*2) on Windows XP
(*3) There is still a minor issue with higher tabs option + multirow tabs + pinned tabs on TabUtilities-extension. Such a combination is not recommented. (No such issue on Noia4s default tab height).

Version 1.6.4 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

Errors found by "Ken B (Amo editor)":
- (fix) FF10+ style inspector optimized
- (fix) fixed error console warnings
- (fix) added fullscreen close icon for html5 videos
- (fix) added missing geo icon (to door hanger) [when a site requests browsers geoloacation]

Version 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

BUGFIX release

Fixed errors/problems found by "Ken B (Amo editor)":
- (fix) fixed wrong colors/styling on "sync"-area
- (fix) added close button to webconsole (closeable now ;-))
- (fix) FF10+ style inspector optimized
- (fix) about:permisions optimized
- (fix) fixed error console warning on WinXP
- (fix) fixed pinned tabs/arrowscollbox problem, if a large number of pinned tabs is used

- (fix) fixed bugs with blue and FF4+ skins (bugs introduced in v1.6.2)

Version 1.6.2 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

- (fix) many gui fixes for Linux users (black/blue/FF4+ skins)
- (ext.sup.) TabGroups Manager ext.
- (change) optimized Firefox-button and its look on all FF-button options
- internal changes (on titlebar)
*** please report on support forum, if this broke some
*** titlebar-changing add-ons

Theme configurator:
- (change) reordered some settings on AeroGlass tab
- (new) new option "glass dropdownmenu" for fullglass skins.
** Moved the default glass dd-menu to own setting.
** Dd-menus glass effect on full glass skins can be disabled now

Version 1.6.1 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 12.0a1

- (fix) optimized downloadwindow item backgrounds
- (fix) gray rss icon, if page doesn't support rss
** (requested by AMO editors)
- (fix) solved "blinking active tab"-option problem with AeroGlass/FF4+ skins
- (ext.sup.) Redirect Remover ext. -> helpwindow -> dark themes
** (reported by jjokeris)
- (ext.sup.) DownThemAll ext. -> dark themes
** (reported by jjokeris)
- support for FF12a1

Version 1.6.0 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 11.0a1

- (fix) fix for focussed "dark-buttons" (reported by soundwav)
- (ext.sup.) "Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus" 1px glitch
- improved "alternative close button"-icons
- internal fixes

Version 1.5.9 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 11.0a1

- support for Firefox 11.0a1 nightly builds

- (change) redone checked toolbarbutton backgrounds
** (they are nicer now [I hope ;-)])

- (change) minor font optimizations on preferences window for 1024x768 res.
** (requested by Vallum Board)

- (ext.sup.) better support for Webmail notifier ext.
** (context menu mail numbers) (reported by David V.)

- (ext.sup.) reverted wrong icon display in Coockie Monster ext.
** (reported on support site)

- (ext.sup.) better support for Download Manager Tweak
** (prefwindow icon alignment) (reported by soundwav)

- small internal improvements

Theme configurator:
- (new) new option to remove dropmarker on appbutton
** see tweaks -> page 1 (req. by TRV)

- (new) new option for bigger tab-close-icons
** see tweaks -> page 2 (req. by triandafilia)

- (new) new option to disable checked toolbarbutton backgrounds
** see tweaks -> page 4 (req. by drati71)

- language updates

- (ext.sup.) AIOS, Vertical Toolbar, TabUtilities vert. toolbar
** -> proper background (bug reported by soundwav)

Version 1.5.8 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 10.0a1

- (change) small gui changes on all skins
- (change) very small hover effect for urlbar and searchbar
- (ext.sup.) better support for Vertical Toolbar ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for "Moveable Firefox Button" ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for Personal Titlebar ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for XUL Gear ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for Console2 ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for toolbars ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for Torrent Finder Toolbar ext. (Popup)
- (ext.sup.) better support for TMP ext. (prefwindow)
- (ext.sup.) better support for AIOS ext.
- internal fixes and changes

Theme configurator:
- (new) Personas tab now with links to personas pages
- (new) gray toolbaricons (stripped toolbaricon color)
- (fix) optimized code to remove some addon-validator warnings
- (fix) "fixed" some uncaught exceptions
- (change) Personas tab reordered
- language updates

- (new) default toolbar- and tab-colors (set by selected Persona) are used now
- (change) reverted skin decisions from 1.5.7 (broke custom css, reported by Roland Spencer)
- (change) removed settings for "dark Personas" (not needed anymore)

Version 1.5.7 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 10.0a1

- (new) darker gray toolbar "skin" (requested by Lucette)
- (new) Noia window control icons (requested by Lucette)
- (fix) fixed bugs with Ntabs[v1-4] and "new-tab button"
- (fix) fixed missing caption with download manager & FF4+ skins & AeroGlass
- (change) changes on checked toolbar buttons on nav-bar
- (change) sidebars on FullGlass themes are now transparent
- (change) added (Noia) toolbaricon for CookieCuller, CookieManager+, CSLite
- (ext.sup.) better support for ColorfulTabs ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for AIOS ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for Personal Titlebar ext.
- language updates
- internal changes

- (fix) fixed exception, when no Persona is installed
- (fix) fixed bug, when switching from active Persona to theme and back
- (fix) fixed problem with AIOS ext.
- (fix) fixed Personas on AeroBasic
- (fix) fixed window caption buttons for Personas
- (change) non-toolbar appearance now in FF4+ style instead of gray style
- many internal changes

thanks to Lucette & Tokai for testing

Version 1.5.6 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 10.0a1

- version bump to FF10a1
- (new) use "persona" options for dark personas
*** (sets white fonts automatically, requested by Mozilla)
- (fix) addonbar 2px glitch fix for black/blue skins
*** (requested/reported by Newcomer01)
- (fix) some minor fixes on blue/black skins
- (fix) fix for checked toolbar buttons (thx to David)
- (change) some minor changes on blue/black skins
- (change) minimal change on FF4+ toolbar button option v2
- (ext.sup.) better support for Personal Titlebar ext.
- (ext.sup.) better support for Console2 ext.
- minor improvements
- minor cleanups
- language updates

Version 1.5.5 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 9.0a1

- (new) option to hide closebutton on addonsbar and findbar (tweaks: page 3)
- (new) orange color selectable on th. conf. font-tab
- (new) MacOS window control icons option now not only on max. view (not for AeroGlass)
- (fix) TreeStyleTabs ext. pinned tabs
- (ext. sup.) TabUtilities: improved gui for TUs TreeStyleTabs feature
- (change) gui changes on theme configurator
- (change) reordered some options on theme configurator
- updates for fr & it languages (thanks to Tokai & Lucette)

* special thanks to Tokai for suggestions and beta testing
* special thanks to Lucette for suggestions and beta testing

Version 1.5.4 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 9.0a1

- (new) Firefox 4+ toolbar buttons (two options)
---> Tweaks -> page 4
- (new) Combined favicon/tabclose button (requested by MazharK)
---> Tweaks -> page 2
---> doesn't work with TreeStyleTabs extension
- (fix) corrected a bug with smaller forward but. v3 & ligthish bg v2
- (fix) corrected marked text in search field (black FF3-like skins)
- (change) new tweaks tab: moved some settings there
- (change) small changes on theme configurator
- (change) small changes on MacOS wincontrol icons option
- (change) changed some labels and reordered some tweaks in th. conf.
- minor tweaks
- updates for fr & it languages (thanks to Lucette & Tokai)

Version 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 9.0a1

- (hotfix) corrected TabMixPlus + multirow view
--- (thx to carbodog for testing)

- (new) smaller forward button [v3] (requested by ZTHawk )
- (fix) corrected bug with Noia 4 tabs and tab groups (reported by Cory P.)
- (fix) corrected print preview toolbar buttons (black skins)
- (fix) fixes on web-console for non AeroGlass OS
- (change) small changes on "smaller forward button" options
- (change) small changes on blue skins
- (change) small changes on back-forward-dropmarker
- (change) minor tweaks on black skins
- (change) minor tweaks on web-console
- (change) small changes on FF3 like skins for AeroGlass

Version 1.5.2 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 9.0a1

- version bump to FF9.0a1
- (fix) corrected pdf files display (FF6+ & AeroGlass)
- (fix) added missing close button to addon-bar
- (fix) corrected font color for xp tooltip option (black skins)
- (fix) fixed old bug with bigger font size and search field (black skins)
- (fix) corrected problem with round dropdown menu option
- (change) small changes on addons manager (black skins)
- (change) small changes on black skins
- (change) small changes on dark scrollbars (caps are back now)
- (ext. sup.) improved ReminderFox ext. support
- (ext. sup.) improved FireFTP ext. support
- (ext. sup.) improved Download Manager Tweak ext. support
- many internal changes
- language updates

Version 1.5.1 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 8.0a1

- (new) option to set black font on hovered menuitems (requested by neomatt6)
- (new) option to select black scrollbars (now default for black skins -> changeable)
-----> (requested by grunherz54)
- (new) option to select Firefox default scrollbars (Tweaks -> page 1)
----> fixes rare bug on low end systems when using e.g. IDM ext.
- (fix) fixed minor glitch on addons managers "more" link (button-link)
- (fix) feed button optimizations
- (change) theme configurator: "Tweaks 1-3" are now "Tweaks -> pages 1-4"
- (change) reordered some options for new "tweaks pages 1-4"
- (change) changed some icons
- (change) added scollbar highlighting (requested by Lucette)
- (change) major cleanup on extensions manager
- (change) improvements on all skins
- (ext. sup.) optimized RSS Icon ext. support
- language updates

Version 1.5.0 1.5 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 8.0a1

- (wtf) Mozilla removed compatibility to FF8.0 again, so this is only up to 8.0a1
- (new) option for selecting default yellow WinXP tooltip (requested by Roger)
- (new) option "lightish toolbar background v2" (thanks to Lucette)
- (fix) bug with black glassy dropdown option and 1920x1080px resolution
- (fix) fixed minor scrollbar glitch on addons manager
- (fix) fixed very old glitch with dropdown arrow on urlbar (reported by VaLLuM Board) ;-)
- (fix) fixed minor glitch on addons manager (reported by VaLLuM Board) ;-)
- (fix) fixed bugs on browser preferences window (reported by VaLLuM Board) ;-)
- (fix) fixed identity-box left-cap problem for secure/verified domains (reported by VaLLuM Board) ;-)
- (fix) fixed browser preferences window size for low resolutions
- (fix) fixed alltabs dropmarker weird behavior
- (fix) bug on [th. conf.] with MacOS icons for HCTP option
- (change) minor changes on AeroGlass skins
- (change) new-tab button on [custom tabs] skins has now skin default color
- (change) changed/added some icons
- (change) changes on Noia 4 tabs v5 (requested by Lucette)
- (change) removed ColorfulTabs fix (for white line) option from [th. conf.]
--- not needed anymore when [th. conf.] is enabled
- (change) added checks to [th. conf.] skin options. No more cross over skin options selecting.
--- gray options only for gray skins, black options for black skins etc..
--- example: if black skin is used and a blue skin option is selected, skin changes to blue.

Version 1.4.9 1.5 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 8.0a1

- (new) Italian language support (thanks to Tokai)
- (new) option: Noia 4 tabs v5 for TreeStyleTabs (requested by Lucette)
- (new) white menu-right arrow for black skins and dropdown menus
- (update) en, de, fr translations updated
- (fix) added white menu-right arrow to dd menus ("black dropdown menus option")
- (fix) no more problems with old Noia 2 settings inside userChrome.css
- (fix) fixed many minor glitches
- (ext.sup.) improved: All-In-One-Sidebar (icons: small icon view)
- (ext.sup.) improved: TreeStyleTabs (all-tabs dropdown arrow)
- (ext.sup.) improved: PersonalMenu ("PersonalToolbar-item" position in appmenu)
- (change) changes on all skins: cleanup
- (change) small add-ons manager gui changes
- (change) shadows [t.conf. font tab] will now be reset on skin change too
- (change) some menu and toolbar icons changed (requested by Lucette)
- (change) label changes on theme configurator
- (change) deactivated AeroGlass skins-tab (theme conf.) when no AeroGlass is used
- (change) deactivated "Firefox3-like" skins when no AeroGlass is used (no difference to default skins on non-AeroGlass systems).

Version 1.5 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 8.0a1

v1.4.8 - v1.4.8.2
- version bump to FF8.0
- (hotfix) fixed back-forward dropmarker bug with other themes (reported by David)
- (new) option for black skins: (deeper) black drop down menu
- (fix) extension installation popup
- (fix) bug for Firefox 4+ skins
- (fix) changeable font color for dark glassy dropdown menu
- (fix) "Noia 4 tabs" font is now customizable
- (change) changed some ambiguous labels (reported by Markus)
- (change) changed some icons (reported by Markus and Lucette)
- (change) "Noia 2 tabs" renamed "to Noia 4 tabs"
- (change) removed AeroBasic/WinXP skin types (not needed anymore)
- (change) labels for some options inside theme configurator
- (change) gui improvements for all skins
- (change) green urlbar text for high level domains like
- (change) added background color to new-tab tab (gray/black/blue skins)
- (change) removed Hide Caption Titlebar Plus fix (unneeded since v2.3.2rc+)
- (change) prefwindow gui in theme configurator
- (change) theme configurator functionality improved (by Markus)
- (ext.sup.) improved: ProfileSwitcher (dropdown menu fix)
- (ext.sup.) improved: ForecastFox (font color fix)
- (ext.sup.) improved: Personal Menu (appmenu fix)
- (ext.sup.) improved: DownThemAll (missing folder fix)
- (ext.sup.) improved: TabMixPlus (TabsToolbar close icon)
- (ext.sup.) improved: GooglebarLite (searchbar fix)
- (ext.sup.) improved: FoxyProxy (thanks to David)
- (Personas) buttons "activate"/"deactivate" removed (not needed anymore)
- (Personas) functionality improvement
- (Personas) select tab [version] and follow screen instructions
- (Personas) now selection acts more like theme selection
- (Personas) deactivate Personas like other skins
---> credits to Markus for Personas changes

Version 1.4.7 1.5 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 7.0a1

- added toolbar button for Noia4 Theme Configurator (place it on any toolbar)
- added button in theme configurator to disable all tweaks/options at once
- added blinking tab v3 option (requested by triandafilia)
- improved FoxyProxy ext. support
- internal improvements
- minor gui changes

- fixed wrong icon/text position in appmenu-submenus: history and bookmarks
- fixed some glitches with dark buttons (reported by Marc)
- fixed max. window glitch (reported by Andy)
- internal fixes

- fixed reccuring icon glitch on add-ons manager
- added option to activate back-forward dropmarker
- removed option to deactivate back-forward dropmarker
--it is deactivated by default now
- removed JavaScript from theme:
Back-forward dropmarker code was moved to configurator ->
it is not allowed to use xml-JS code inside theme anymore.

- fixed menulist text color bug when dark buttons are selected
- fixed errors on edit-bookmarks popup
- improvements on black/blue skins
- fr language fixes (thx to Lucette)
- new options: Noia2 tabs v3 & v4 (requested by Lucette)

- added missing Noia icons to AIOS ext.
- new option: dark buttons (inspired by NoiaFox)
- new option: semi-round buttons
- Hilite extension support
- fixed width of update window
- minimal gui improvements
- internal changes/fixes

- fixed bug where Personas on WinXP only worked with tabs v1
- changes on Personas tab, you only see activate or deactivate button
- theme configurator:changes on fonts tab. choose by color not by text
- theme configurator now has same size on en/de/fr
- small changes on about tab in theme configurator
- added localized attributes to install.rdf to appear on add-ons about info
- small improvement on go/reload/stop button in urlbar
- some minor improvements on black/blue/ff4 skins
- added color for Hide Caption extension bar seperator (WinXP skins)
- fix for PersonalMenu extension when bookmarks inside appbutton-menu

- Personas: AeroGlass top bars skins renamed & moved to Personas tab
- Personas: no extra WinXP fix needed anymore
- Personas: deactive the Persona option, when you want to use skins again
- Personas: many changes on theme configurator (Skins->Persona)
- Personas: use activate/deactive buttons (Skins->Persona)
- fixed hovered-link-bottom-popup text-color when using Personas
- fixes for "Moveable Fiefox button" extension (FF button in navbar)
- fixes for "Firefox 4 UI fixer" extension (FF button in navbar)
- translation updates
- tab throbber v1 now like default FF5 throbber
- tab throbber v2 (requested by triandafilia)
- blinking active tab v2 (requested by triandafilia)
- internal fixes

special thanks to Markus who made the Personas changes possible
special thanks to Lucette for beta testing ;-)

- de translation for theme configurator
- fr translation for theme configurator (thx to La Lucette)
- gui/label/order changes in theme configurator
- some fixes are integrated now and are removed from configurator
- addons manager: fix for 64x64 icon sizes
- changed blinking tab colors to red/green (request by jjokeris)
- minor changes on preferences window(s)
- some minor fixes

special thanks to Marc, Markus & Lucette for beta testing ;-)

Version 1.3.9 1.5 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 7.0a1

- rounded some of the dropdownmenu buttons (requested by Marc)
- addon-page: added highlighting to active/hovered elements (requested by Markus)
- addon-page: changes on marking installed addons/themes (requested by Markus)
- background changes on Firefox properties (requested by Markus)
- layout/label changes on Noia4 theme configurator (thanks to Markus)
- fixes on addon about pages (thanks to Markus)
- improvements on round menu option (requested by Markus)
- improved Noia4 icons (thanks to Markus)
- fixed some wrongly stretched icons on addons-page (requested by Mozilla [Nils])
- added semitransparent background to AeroGlass menubar (requested by Mozilla [Nils])
- improvements on theme configurator (thanks to Markus)
- change on black skins: removed round dropdown menus (requested by Markus)
* -> use round menu option, if you want them back

Version 1.3.8 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 7.0a1

- new option: ColorfulTabs active tab fix (requested by Andy.c)
- new option: Noia 2 tabs v2 to (semi-)support ColorfulTabs (only)
- new option: blinking active tab (requested by triantafilia)
- fix on print preview page (thanks to Markus)
- minor improvements

Version 1.3.7 1.3 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 7.0a1

- icon-fixes (addons-page)
- changes on "no lines for FF3/XP skins option" (thanks to Markus)
- fixes/changes on print preview page (thanks to Markus)
- support for Print/Print Preview add-on (thanks to Markus)
- fix on alt. progress-bar for TMP v1 (thanks to Markus)
- new option alt. progress-bar for TMP v2 (thanks to Markus)
- many improvements/fixes (thanks to Markus)
- minor changes on blue/black skins

v1.1.8 - v.1.3.6
- compatibility update for FF7
- options category is now part of "tweaks 1", tab options and fixes of "tweaks 2"
- label changes on theme configurator
- new option: top rounded tabs
- new option: no active blue (menuitem)
* old "no active blue" had to be split up into seperate options for menuitems and tabs
- change: "lighter background on hovered toolbar items" for all toolbars
- WinXP users will see dialog labels when hit accidentally full glass skins
- new option: tabs like in Noia2 tabs extension
* no other setting from that extension will be added
* only use with gray or [custom tabs] skins
* TMP progress-bar won't work with this (won't be fixed)
- app-picker fix (close helper application window size fix)
- Personas bottombox/statusbar fix (use "top bars" AeroGlass skins instead of "all bars" skins)
- AeroGlass top bars skins (mainly needed for personas)
- new option: disable back-forward-dropmaker
- more space between MacOS min/max/close icons (HCTP)
- fixed height of nav-bar on small iconsize
- new option: smaller forward button (no overlapping)
- fix for TreeStyleTab and FF4 skins
- new option: lighter background on hovered toolbar items
- new option: old MacOS min/max/close icons on max. view in HCTP
- new option: urlbar bigger fontsize (requested by jjokeris)
- new option: fixes for "Hide Caption Titlebar Plus" (1.2.7rc+) extension
- new option: fixes for "RSS Icon" extension
- new option: smaller forward button (more like default FF)
- new tab category: "fixes" (some elements moved there from options tab)
- bigger menubar option (removed yellow hovered text)
- firefox-button options moved to skins 2
- fixed wrong min/max/restore/close icons (appeared under some circumstances)
- optimizations on tab progress (TMP) option
- bigger menubar option (requested by jjokeris)
- minimal bigger urlbar font on WinXP
- fixed tab progress (TMP) for CLEO/FEBE
- many internal fixes (thx to "drenmark")
- new option: alternative position/height of tab progress (TMP)
- fixed a bug on tab progress (TMP)
- Noia4 options renamed to Noia4 configurator
- "themes" renamed to "skins" (black/blue/gray/FF4/AeroGlass)
- redesigned options window (more compact, tabs)
- new option: higher tabs
- many internal changes on tabs, report if something is broken
- tab chages on all themes, report if something is broken
- tabs on pref pages are seminrounded now (like org Noia)
- gray themes: pref-tabpages graduated gray background (like org Noia)
- some changes on black/black themes
- new skin options (Firefox4 Win7 original-like themes)
- changes on Noia4 options window (more compact)
- options to set bold font to normal font on main window hovered/active tab
- fixed errors listed on error console (report it breaks something)
- changed tab hover color (gray themes)
- small changes on buttons
- other minor changes
- WinXP Personas fix option
- added new options: font colors/shadows for toolbar, dropdown-menus,...
... statusbars and tabs. You can mix/combine them how you want.
- added description (options dialog) how to get personas to work with Noia4 (thx to sheshexuan)
- fixed wrong gray color on preferences
- fixed textshadow bug with status4evar and AeroGlass themes
- fixed toolbar fontcolor for more toolbar elements
- changed some labels on options window
- added toolbar color changes to status4evar statusbar
- fixed findbar font color on black/fullglass themes and toolbar color options
- fixed menuitems that should not change on toolbar color changes
- fixed black glassy dropdown menu color on searchbar dropdown
- tab close-button more visible on active/hovered tabs (tell me if you prefer this as an option)
- tab favicon is more clearer now on active/hovered tabs
- added some missing icons
- fixed some menu elements on black themes
- fixed bug where a theme didn't get reloaded on restart
- new option: toolbar text-shadow
- new options: change toolbar font colors (not on black theme)
- new options: ff4 button always orange/transparent on normal and private mode
- fixed bug with overlapping menubar: tabs on top, menubar hidden. size maximized, press ALT key.
- reordered some items on options window
- better visible new tab cross
- merged theme and options into one installation
- changed alt. dropmarker position
- fixed missing close buttons on tab groups
- new option to use custom tabs on one AeroGlass full theme
- fixes/chages on all themes
- black/blue: new black/blue parts that were gray before
- new AeroGlass themes (Win7/Vista only)
- added missing "privatebrowsing-appbutton color" to default view and to option "default ff4 button"
- new option to set the back-forward-dropmarker between back and forward button like Nuvola
- fixed right-rounded identitybox for status4evar extension
- some minor improvements
- fixed about:support page (thx to lqy0909 & Nuvola)
- a new AeroGlass theme option (most possible parts are glassy)
- new options: glassy dropdown menu gray/black, called glass & dark glass in Noia eXtreme
- new option: "no active blue on tab/menuitems"
- new AeroGlass "skins"
- new option to fix a rare glitch (icons/adressbar in tabbar)
- TabMixPlus multirow bug (TabUtilities was fixed before)
- reordered and optimized elements
- removed titlebar options (not needed anymore)
- gray/black/blue theme options cannot be mixed anymore (requested by Mozilla editors team)

Version 1.1.7 1.4 MB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 7.0a1

- right-rounded identity-cap
- optimized min-, max-, close-icons for WinXP/Aero basic
- option: orange appbutton background
- options: black/blue WinXP skins (~FF3 theme+colorized titlebar) (if menubar is off)
- default WinXP-gray now with colorized titlebar (if menubar is off)
- fixed some missing toolbar icons
- minor ff-app-button changes
- minor titlebar changes
- minor cleanups
- blured menuitems (Cutebuttons option) are a little clearer now