Noia 4_1.3.9 not showing element in DownThemAll Rated 4 out of 5 stars

In Firefox 5, Vista x64 hm prem, Noia 4 doesn't show a "change download location" icon in DownThemAll (2.07). Noticed same thing in another theme, but Firefox default theme is OK.Just to R of the d/l path window, there's normally the typical, yellow folder icon to click & browse to a new location. Folder icon doesn't show up in Noia 4 & another theme I tried.

That's a very common element, so not sure why it's troublesome in more than one custom theme. Clicking where the folder icon should be (is hidden) does its job & opens explorer to browse.

Edit 7/12/11
I finally installed Stylish & used the code Aris posted - it produces a light blue folder icon, similar to background of DownThemAll (but visible). For others not familiar, you must install Stylish, then open it, choose "Write New Style," and paste code into Stylish. Give the style a name.

I tried adding your code to userContent.css, but didn't work. I assume the code was written specifically for Stylish?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.9). 

I'll check this.

Edit: I found the bug. DownThemAll ext. points to a notexisting image. I just don't understand why it doesn't set up its own image instead of pointing to one inside default theme. It will be fixed on Noia v 1.4.8. You don't have to use v1.3.9, there is v1.4.7 on the versionspage.

If you have Stylish installed you can setup a fix for the missing folder icon with this code:

#browsedir{list-style-image:url(chrome://browser/skin/icons/folder_closed.png) !important;}

Edit 7/14/11
I tested that code only with Stylish and it worked fine. It won't be needed anymore once Noia4 v1.4.8 gets released (maybe this weekend). I'm just waiting to get review for v1.4.7, so the main version won't be the old v1.3.9 anymore.