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shame on me! never for one moment i have thought about it -_-

sooo... the white line disappeared... and now... it's the xp taskbar who hides the top of the navbar \o/ what a joke!!! :

don't be afraid by tabs that's testing, OK? oO so, now you know what i meant by reducing the height of tab-text :-(
that's not so serious, and perhaps one day I'll find a genius idea and will be able to do myself.... .... or not ;-)

-my feature request was for tabs not for tab-text (thanks for the word))
I think increase the rounding of tabs when the rounded tabs option is on should be more nice, but not important

-when I was talking about changing the rounding with -moz-border-radius: 15px !important; this time, i was talking about tab-text and it works fine for me (in the code you gived me)

-the new code is perfect, thanks again



hi, and firstly, 1000 thanks, thank you especially for code, with the thoughtfulness of having added within reviews for beginners, I have found it was classy;-) so now, i know /* I've played a little bit with it seems to be not so hard to understand, again two or three century of work and I'll have understood \o/but now, how to reduce the height of the tab's white area ? i didn't understood if I have to find this parameter in the code you given me, or add it in this code, or create a new stylish???can you help me just for this, reassure you, I will not ask you in more a stylish training;-) that's css, right?for the colours everything is OK, I just tried to colour noiatabs -_-, but now with your code and fab tabs it starts to get really nice! :D (I have succeeded only with fab tabs, i can't have the site colors with colorfultabs, and with chromatabs plus, since ff4, only half the tab is coloured, the idea of ​​the gradient was cool, but stop at the half, it's ugly)SO : -BUGS??? : _the fuc...ing white line is still there, grrr! (i said it to the two others developers involved), no change at all_with the "tab's white area code", there's a trouble with _pinned tabs : white area is also in pinned tabs and hide icons, I could reduce \o/, but is it possible to have : "no white area in pinned tabs except if it is the selected tab"?? ( good way to locate it)-FEATURES : -increase the rounding of tabs for my white area I have set : -moz-border-radius: 15px !important;, and I think it would be better also for the tabs (i don't know at all if it was the good way, but it works!! ;-) )-HELP : -reduce the height of the tab's white area without changing the size of the tabs -automatically adjust its width to the size of page titleTHANKS : -a lot ;-)

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I now how to fix your problem with the white line. It has nothing to do with Firefox but with WinXP. You haven't "set" your Windows taskbar to be fixed. Make a rightclick on Windows taskbar and choose the second setting from the bottom up. The white "line" comes from your silver skin. :D

The tab's white area (.tab-text) depends on the text-size. You cannot increase/decrease one without the other. If you change your font-size the white area will be changed too. It is not posible to limit the area to the (shown) text width as it always allocates 100% of the available tab-size for text.

Yes, Firefox basically consists of CSS, XML and Javascript and by using Stylish you use CSS. You can put all code into one Stylish profile or split it to have a better overview.

Changing the rounding of the tabs with -moz-border-radius is the right way, but I don't see any difference between 10px and 15 px.

Sum up:
- white line -> see your XP taskbar settings
- increase the rounding of tabs for white area -> you've done right
- reduce the height of the tab's white area without changing the size of the tabs -> not possible
- automatically adjust its width to the size of page title -> not possible
- tab's white area code pinned tabs solution (replace old code posted before)->

.tabbrowser-tab:not([pinned]) .tab-text,
.tabbrowser-tab[selected=true][pinned] .tab-text {
-moz-border-radius: 15px !important;
background: white !important;
border: 2px solid !important;
-moz-border-top-colors: #3F70A0 #5B84AD !important;
-moz-border-right-colors: #3F70A0 #5B84AD !important;
-moz-border-bottom-colors: #3F70A0 #5B84AD !important;
-moz-border-left-colors: #3F70A0 #5B84AD !important;
padding-left:5px !important;
margin-top: -1px !important;/*for tab height like org tabs*/
margin-bottom: -1px !important;/*for tab height like org tabs*/
font-size:100%;/*change/romove how you like*/

You can change/remove lines and/or add others, its up to you ;-)

"and now... it's the xp taskbar who hides the top of the navbar \o/ what a joke!!!" ->
No, its not the XP taskbar, it is a problem between Hide Caption and HideBookmarksBar extensions. (Deactivate for example HideBookmarksBar). There are some strange scripts in the extensions I cannot override inside the theme. You will have to cantact the autor(s) to fix that because it happens on default theme too.

Yeh, you can experiment with tabs, maybe you will find an optimal solution for you by yourself.