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As i mentioned before, love this theme!! Guys, we have all been begging him to update this theme since last year! It's not going to happen! If he was going to update it, he would of done it by now!! He fell out (has a cob on!) with a certain person in Firefox from last year! (YES, January of last year!) There was a misunderstanding, and this guy hasn't forgiven or forgot about it yet!!
Now, back to reality! Your choices, you can force this theme to work by using Nightly Tester Tools, but done that and it works kind of OK! or, Someone with a bit of know how can adapt it, like what's been done with other addons that haven't been updated. Final choice, find another theme! Yes, i know we all love this theme.....but what choice do we have! I have already been searching, don't really like what's on offer!! But, have a look at this one, there are a few colours on offer, and it kind of grows on you.....it's called Glowyblue, and yes, it's compatible, and no, i am not the developer, just a desperate/fed up Firefox user!! Check it out, has different colours too.... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/glowyblue-8889/ At the moment, there are only a few good themes compatible with Firefox 4, unless you force them and you don't get them working 100%! Thanks for listening/reading my thoughts! P.S. Don't go making anymore donations to Noia theme, unless it gets updated!!

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