Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for the supercool addon. Please give us an additional option to shuffle a new background every 'x' number of hours. The addon will then become priceless. Also, consider giving an option in the tools menu or a status bar button to change the background in one click in case we don't like the background that has been loaded.

Hello. Thank you for the review.

I think you're aware but just in case want to point out this add-on is intended to shuffle others addon's activity (ie, toggling them on/off). So, a feature to automatically shuffle backgrounds is something the other addons implement by themselves, not all of them though.

However, there should be no problem on implementing a feature on this one which disables and then enables one of the supported add-ons every x hours. It's also a good idea adding a Tools menu entry - added to my TODO list and i'll work on it when i get a chance.