Rated 1 out of 5 stars

It places the cursor in the address bar instead of on the webpage. For example, I have Google as my homepage. Instead of the cursor in the search bar, it's in the address bar...how does that help me? Needs major improvement. It does exactly the same thing as "new tab homepage" (the reason I stopped using that add-on)...what's the point of making an add-on that doesn't offer anything new?

Hi, thanks for trying my addon. The reason I built it is very simple : I used the other addon you named but since I use beta/aurora/nightly versions of firefox, this addon was not compatible. So I built it, and it's restartless : if you want to diasble the only function it does, disable it in the addon list.
Then, opening a search page and focus on the search field is not in my todo list. Search for another addon which can do it.