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Version 2.0.17 632.5 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 24.0a1

Updated maxVersion to 24.0a1
More extensions supported: Print Edit, DOM Inspector Plus!, print pages to PDF, About Home Themer and many more
Restyled about:sync-tabs
Fix titlebar/appmenu issues on MacOS
Fix scrollbar styling on MacOS
Fix buttons, checkbox, radio on MacOS
Fix newtab and about:* pages style on MacOS
Tighter spacing for Error Console
Center the arrow of the arrowpanels better
Improved layout/spacing for about:cache and about:plugins
Many devtools fixes and updates
Added icon for service install (social)
Added Toolbox icon
Fixed minimap icon size
Fixed icon for keyword matches in urlbar autocomplete list
Updates for social icons
Standonline image preview: only show patterned background on hover on image
Optimized styling for about firefox dialog
Removed some spacing from release notes in addon manager
Fixed tag icon in autocomplete dropdown list.
Back/forward disabled greyness in Addons Manager same to browser back/forward.
Improved layout for network inspection panel.
Devtools/network monitor.
Shrink searchbox on Addons Manager when needed.
Bug 859046 - Implement filtering out certain types of requests
Bug 874448 - OS X customization mode doesn't have dragover border indicators on toolbarpaletteitems
Bug 870220 - Web Console property inspector shows duplicate entries for navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes
Bug 859222 - Need custom icon for Network tab
Bug 859039 - Allow sorting by column (status, method, file, domain, type, size etc.)
Bug 866138 - Make options panel less hacky
Bug 859041 - Display timing interval divisions (ms ticks) in the timeline
Bug 853151 - rework recommend into social marks
Bug 839206 - Replace plugin installation notification bar with door hanger
Bug 842780 - about:newaddon doesn't restrict size of the add-on's icon
Bug 588305 - Convert offline storage notifications to a doorhanger panel
Bug 723923 - Debugger 'breakpoint list' GCLI command should have extra nice outpu
Bug 851546 - Options panel for DevTools Toolbox,
Bug 837351 - Security Errors in Web Console.
Bug 860175 - On netmonitor examining the specific details of a network action leads to bad overlapping display,
Bug 832672 - Downloads Panel gives no indication or feedback on missing files
Bug 856917 - Improve about:memory's functional UI.

Version 2.0.16 595.6 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 23.0

Update maxVersion to 23.0
Extensions: Removed old stuff from extensions.css
Extensions: color icon on mouse hover of addons
Improved spring icon
Minimap: Fixed typo for geobutton icon
Overrule Linux images-in-button setting to always show button icons
Fixed tooltip margin
Icons for the devtools selector buttons and optimized styling
Pageinfo: fixed permissions page
Bug 737100 - Extend Pointer Lock (Mouse Lock) for non-fullscreen elements
Bug 782211 - Implement notification API spec
Bug 850436 - We need a max-width on the inspector breadcrumbs
Bug 852019 - The devtools tabs are streched on Linux
Bug 851689 - Toolbox Tabs extra wide after the Sidebar adaptation fix
Bug 846929 - Resetting zoom level on image documents also resets image rotation
Bug 755126 - add social services management to about:addons
Bug 802546 - Prettify the Stackframes UI (big!)
Bug 812083 - Implement a SideMenuWidget (add a tree view to the remote debugger's script selector)
Bug 723281 - Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command.
Bug 818151 - [toolbox] adapt the toolbox UI to make it fit on the side of the browser
Bug 835899 - Web Console autocomplete popup could need some UI love
Bug 812083 - Implement a SideMenuWidget (add a tree view to the remote debugger's script selector)
Bug 802546 - Prettify the Stackframes UI (lots of style code changes just to prettify things...)
Bug 697983 - Implement a Font Inspector.

Version 2.0.15 579.3 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 22.0

Updated to version 22.0a2.
Improved styling for the MiniMap extension
Added (some) support for The RoboForm Lite extension.
Some styling fixes for SOA Client for Firefox.
Added support for UniversalEditButton extension.
Fixed warning/icon size in Addons manager
Other close icon for undo box in tabview
Added close icon for plugin blocker
Newtab undo box
Improved styling for about:sync-tabs
Added support for about:home styling (requires "About Home Themer" extension)

Bug 648675 - Allow comments and URL opt-in in content/plugin crash UI.
Bug 836867 - The Find Toolbar should transition when opening and closing.
Bug 788165 - Breakpoint arrow does not change to green when the debugger breaks on that line.
Bug 830324 - Show a border around the textbox when editing values in the Variables View
Bug 830325 - Hovering values in the Variables View should show a text cursor
Bug 830759 - The close button in the Variables View (e.g. for watch expressions) should only be shown on hover
Bug 831794 - Variables View: allow users to override getter properties to plain value properties
Bug 828987 - The Variables View should be keyboard accessible
Bug 832470 - Watch expressions involving |this| sometimes showing a wrong result
Bug 825035 - Blocklisted click-to-play notification only fades in/out once per window per session
Bug 836010 - When startup is determined to be slow, tell users about ways to improve their startup time
Bug 833511 - Add rotation gesture support to image documents
Bug 822371 - Implement Mixed Content Blocker Doorhanger - Frontend Changes
Bug 822366 - Implement Mixed Content Blocker New Icon - Frontend Changes
Bug 828664 - Debugger is sad when inspecting an array of > 10k elements in a variables view
Bug 650804 - Implement a search mechanism for the highlighter

Version 2.0.14 566.2 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 21.0a1

Version bump to 21.0a1
Some fixes for RTL.
Refined styling for tabgroups
Refined social browsing iconbox (facebook).
Tighter css html view.
Bug 799417 - Implement global indicator for sites having camera/microphone access.
Bug 820653 - use listStyleImage for social provider toolbar image to ensure correct image size.
Bug 815352 - Move the Library downloads view to an overlay in browser/downloads.
Bug 675902 - Implement the new Downloads view for the places Library window
Fixed downloads icon in the Library.
Bug 796006 - Don't fully expand nodes with large amounts of children in markup panel.
Fixed min-height for debugger panes (variables, expressions, etc)
Add some support for profiler (in Developer Toolbox) (note, profiler itself cannot be styled (yet))

Version 2.0.13 557.5 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 20.0a1

Revamped newtab page
Fixed resizer icon on addons bar (WindowsXP style)
Have the right inspector icons for the right buttons/menuitems
Optimized notifyPlugin icons
Couple of minor tweaks
Bug 796135 - Provide some obvious UI for scripts filtering
Bug 816596 - Hide the variables filter box while there are no variables to filter
Bug 819992 - Only open the click-to-play doorhanger once per window per session. Use the red blocked plugin icon and flash the icon to bring extra attention.Bug 819992 - Only open the click-to-play doorhanger once per window per session. Use the red blocked plugin icon and flash the icon to bring extra attention
Bug 817999 - remove DownloadMonitorPanel remnants
Bug 817422 - Move the New Private Window menu item under the app button on Windows and Linux if the app button is visible

Downloads panel:
Bug 809852 - Allow cycling through the "Show all downloads" and summary footers in the Downloads Panel using the arrow keys
Bug 809852 - Follow-up patch to address nit in pinstripe theme for Downloads Panel that was missed in first landing.
Bug 814509 - Downloads summary background is different from "Show all downloads" button background on winstripe.
Bug 815512 - explicitly set size of download item icons.
Bug 815131 - Downloads Panel footer CSS needs consolidating.
Bug 815131 - Follow-up - Use a child selector instead of the descendent selector.
Bug 817584 - Replace descendent selectors in Downloads Panel CSS with child selectors.

Developer Toolbox (only two bugs, but the first a major one, with changes all over the place...)
Bug 803984 - Convert all fonts to monospace;
Bug 788977 - [toolbox] Land the developer tools window
Bug 812814 - Add a way to edit or remove watch expressions while the debugger is paused.

Version 2.0.12 555.2 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 20.0a1

Fixed webconsole/gcli textbox/popup panel styling.
Partly fixed issue with webconsole not opening after collapsing.
Fixed styling for csshtmltree (style inspect panel).
Fixed thumb remove button on the newTab page.
Added support for the imagetoolbar extension.
Added styling for AdBlockPlus and for Graphical Timeline (requires version
Improved layout for operator buttons in debugger search box popup panel.
Improved layout for scope header in debugger.
Improved console row layout.
Dirlisting: underline items when they are not files nor folder (ie when they are links)
Fixed table header alignment in PageInfo dialog
About pages: give first H1 header an information icon
Statusbar/bottombox/addonbar improved styling
Information icon on header (first h1) of about: pages
Fixed icon for retry button in html pages (in most cases)
Bug 808988 - The stackframes and breakpoints containers should have a min and max height
Bug 794752 - Downloads toolbar button changes size the first time it is clicked (changes toolbarbutton to normal size)
Bug 794823 - Refactor and move the debugger's PropertyView in shared, so that it can replace PropertyPanel.jsm soon
Bug 798874 - The variables view should be filterable
Bug 786125 - alert showing/hiding animation is janky (nsIAlertsService)
Bug 804575 - Implement a way of keeping the debugger panes always visible
Bug 805989 - Icons in the overflow chat menu are incorrectly sized
Bug 790216 - Optimize global search results
Bug 796148 - Implement a 'gear menu'
Bug 751836 - After stepping in the debugger, any open nodes in the property view are collapsed
Bug 707302 - Optimize and refactor the debugger frontend to use constructors instead of attached functions to DOM nodes

Version 2.0.11 539.8 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 19.0a1

Hotfix for the appmenu bug.
Remove left-side border on app-content when sidebox is hidden.

Version 2.0.10 539.8 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 19.0a1

maxVersion bumped to 19.0a1
Fixed About Waterfox dialog (Waterfox only)
Fixed retry button icon in neterror.
Fixed typo in videocontrols.css.
Simplified and improved alerts.css
More icons for HTML buttons.
More subtle color for focus ring
Simplified about:memory a bit.
Bug 797298 - Removed hardcoded reference to generic buddy image in theme
Bug 788589 - generic buddy icon appears in profile section when logged in
Bug 785134 - Update jsb to fix various bugs
Bug 787274 - Move urlbar min-width from #urlbar to the text input itself to ensure gadgets like the identity box are allowed to add to the min-width.
Bug 788598 - Logged out state has no login.
Bug 786125 - alert showing/hiding animation is janky (nsIAlertsService)
Bug 790112 - Fix social toolbar button styling so that separate "sub-buttons" are visually distinct
Bug 788589 - Use information icon for logged out users and don't show generic buddy icon when logged in
Bug 793354 - Small chat icons are stretched by XUL layout
Bug 791901 - social provider should provide more strings for the share popup
Bug 783687 - Use custom event in the chat box to update the titlebar
Bug 790650 - It may be a good idea to have the debugger start with collapsed panels
Bug 789364 - Light theme for markup panel, orion, and rule view

Version 2.0.8 536.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 18.0a1

Updated to FF 18.0a1 (nightly 18-9-2012)
Added support for Favicon Restorer
Added support for Winamp toolbar
Improved alert layout
Merged ff4's local.css&browser.css into global.css/browser.css
Lot's of minor improvements & optimizations
Close buttons on the bottom toolbars all moved to the left (for consistency)
Bug 788418 - Image error is unreadable against dark background.
Bug 768442 - It's impossible to add a sidebar inside a tab
Bug 777175 - fix sidebar splitter styling.
Bug 779302 - Speed up arrow panel opening animation.

Bug 777093 - Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist.
Bug 741576 - Style tweaks for Computed view
Bug 770818 - [inspector] highlighter v3
Bug 760607 - Update the Downloads Panel visual design
Bug 785387 - Autocompletion display glitch
Bug 766054 - [debugger] experiment with collapsed panels
Bug 774788 - free text search across all scripts
Bug 777085 - New markup panel for the inspector.
Bug 779732 - Make search operations in the debugger more intuitive
Bug 776875 - GCLI: Move existing GCLI commands into JSMs. (renames gcli.css to commandline.css, no other changes)
Bug 777093 - Long script urls still confuse the debugger menulist.
Bug 771481 - 'No scripts.' should be displayed in the dropdown when there are no scripts matching the search string
Bug 765564 - Add a DevTools menu to the developer toolbar
Bug 741576 - Style tweaks for Computed view
Bug 688981 - Place the web console in its own iframe

Bug 780987 - Call social.user-recommend-prompt during initialization of the Social API functionality
Bug 785593 - Make the chatboxes larger and with a small gap between each one
Bug 784272 - Docked chat boxes should not overlap vertical top-level scrollbars
Bug 779686 - implement docked chat content areas
Bug 779923 - implement activity flyout panel
Bug 773743 - Add the portrait and user display name to the share button popup.
Bug 771826 - implement Social toolbar button UI, including notification icons, notification panel, and "profile" panel.
Bug 770433 - Update borders and background of alert (toast) notifications on Windows
Bug 776135 - Social toolbar styling on Windows.

Version 2.0.6 528.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 17.0a1

Version bumped to 17.0a1.
Lots of image reduction (reducing the jar file with 83 KBytes)
Bug 769095. Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification.
Removed tabsidebar (it is no longer maintained from FF4.0).
Fixed firebug icon
Fixed GCLI styling
Cleanup of disabled icons.
Removed of mozapps/help (only needed for Seamonkey)
Cleanup of mozapps/reporter
Cleanup of old files in communicator
Bug 760625 - Use the blocklist to inform click-to-play plugins
Bug 761174 - Always show a property tooltip
Bug 766985 - Backout Mixed State Icon.
Bug 767377 - The filtering textbox expands when entering a string
Bug 723071 - Add a pane to display the list of breakpoints across all scripts in the debuggee
Bug 769095 - Enforce maximum icon size for nsIAlertsService's notification
Bug 765874 - Implement recommend/share button
Bug 737873 - Implement mixed content highlighting in the web console
Bug 771555 - GCLI needs a addon, resize, restart, cookie and pagemanip commands
Bug 764746 - Style the error counter.
Bug 731972 - GCLI selection field should be clear when more options exist, and allow you to get them.

Version 2.0.4 609.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 16.0a1

New packing structure, saving 5K.
Optimized video buttons and throbber, saving 30K.
Fixed statusbar spacing issue.
Fixed collapse button in aboutCertError.css
Bug 759299 - Remove identity-box-inner and page-proxy-stack.
Bug 760868 - Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long
Optimized buttons in videocontrolbar.

Version 2.0.3 648.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 16.0a1

Updated support for GCLI and Debugger (FF15)
Added support for the Responsive Mode (FF15)
Added shadow for appmenu (by removing border-radius) and less padding
Added support for Locationbar2, Status-4-Evar and Download Manager Tweak
Fixed issues with progressbar in urlbar (Locationbar2, Status-4-Evar)
Added fullscreen approval button icon
Optimized tabbrowser style rules
Same look for Searchbar as for urlbar: icons and buttons with a lightgrey background.
Added support for inContent options (FF15)
More icons for downloadmanager context menu
More icons for about:permissions page
Make active button really depressed
Fixed more toolbarbuttons to support small icon mode.
Use a patterned background for standalone/toplevel image view (FF15)
Bold for non-zero elements in inspector/box view panel
Refined styling for file listing view
Optimized button in toolbar rules a bit
Bug 760868 - Gmail includes scripts names that make the debugger script list too long (FF16)
Bug 723059 - Replace text with icons in the debugger toolbar
Bug 667586 - Clear identity block when typing a different URL into location bar
Bug 731041 - Tidy up addon inline preferences code, add labels for checkboxes, remove ugly description hack
Bug 722196 - Rule view not showing media query information
And many other little fixes and improvements...

Version 2.0.2 626.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 15.0a1

Updated to FF 15.0a1.
Bug 741576 - Style tweaks for Computed view;
Improved styling for the icons/identity parts in the urlbar.
enabled small toolbar icons
Fixed top margin in fullscreen.
Updated to Firefox/Thunderbird 15.
Added New download panel (FF15)
Styling for image and video standalone view (FF15)
Force toolbarbutton icon to smallsize when in tabbar.
Bug 744964 - Plugin click-to-play popup notification icon should use the plugin icon, not the add-on icon.
Bug 726444 - Implement the Downloads Panel
Bug 683954 - [Layout] Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node.
Bug 742419 - Implement new identity block design.
Bug 717916 - Add an Inspect button and a node menu to the infobar;
Bug 735680. Update wbapps icons
Bug 740668 - Add noise to background of image document.
TB: Removed local.css (no longer needed). Removed xulbinding from smileys.
Bug 713487 - Move TopLevelImageDocument.css and TopLevelVideoDocument.css to toolkit/themes
And lots of other small fixes and improvements.

Version 2.0.1 604.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.0a1

Streamlined about dialogbox for FF & TB across window themes and platforms.
Move applicaton menu button to topleft in maximized mode.

Version 2.0.0 604.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 14.0a1

Major Release: 2.0.0, for Firefox 4 upto 14.

Dropped support for Firefox 3.x, to be able to support Firefox 14 and higher.
Changed theme packaging to new style (no more nested jars).
Removed '-moz-' from -moz-border-radius and -moz-box-shadow (as FF 13 and higher no longer support it).
Optimized PNG's with newest pnggauntlet/optipng.
Bug 731721 - Source Editor stepping support;
Bug 711552 - Click to play plugins for desktop Firefox
Bug 729878 - [New Tab Page] Implement new layout
Bug 697006 - Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API
Bug 705276 - Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS
Bug 703643 - be able to copy from the rules view
Bug 732313 - Color of style editor links in rule view should be higher contrast
Bug 717070 - Create button to initiate migration to a clean Firefox profile
Bug 717924 - Move the HTML tree view in the Page Inspector above the inspector toolbar.
Bug 707740 - Ability to lock in a pseudo class in the page inspector
Bug 723047 - Stack frames should display the location next to the function name
Bug 727867 - Rule view indicate when invalid values are entered
Bug 732040 - move themes/*stripe/inspector.css into devtools theme directory and rename to htmlpanel.css
Bug 732093 - Update toolbar icons
Bug 729878 - [New Tab Page] Implement new layout
Bug 697006 - Add desktop support for the Open Web Apps API
Bug 705276 - Split style inspector CSS between content & document CSS
Bug 703643 - be able to copy from the rules view
Bug 732313 - Color of style editor links in rule view should be higher contrast
Bug 717070 - Create button to initiate migration to a clean Firefox profile
Bug 697762 - Land the debugger in m-c
Bug 721324 - Allow the source code editor of Scratchpad & StyleEditor to be themed
Bug 722548 - Large play button for HTML5 <video> controls is not centered vertically
Bug 721087 - [New Tab Page] Cells should have an outline to indicate their positions
Bug 712223 - [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar doesn't always have the same size on Windows and Linux
Bug 694958 - [highlighter] [infobar] limit the size of the infobar.

Version 1.8.81 625.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 13.0a1

Hotfix to fix transparency issues on Firefox 3.6 and older.
Note, support for 3.6 and older will be dropped in next version.

Version 1.8.80 624.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 13.0a1

Update for FF 13.0a1
Fixed margin in fullscreen modus.
Improved styling for Firebug.
Improved facebook toolbar extension styling.
Improved styling for webconsole 'Inspect Network Request' dialog.
Fixed video scrubber redraw issues.
Support for About:newtab
Bug 721087 - [New Tab Page] Cells should have an outline to indicate their positions.
Bug 712223 - [highlighter] Breadcrumbs bar doesn't always have the same size on Windows and Linux.
Bug 715469 - Make video full-screen button use background image, so it doesn't fire a load event.
Bug 666306 - Added a large play button when the video is not autoplay and with controls enabled.
Bug 720975 - Switch to vertical layout only when the window width < 550px
Bug 681548 - Media controls visual refresh.

Version 1.8.79 617.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 12.0a1

Updated to Firefox 12.0a1, Aurora 11.0, Beta 10.0.
Style editor design updated and cleaned.
GCLI design updated and cleaned (to make it smaller and faster).
Added support for 'Desktop' extension.
Bug 718259 - Remove the resizer button in the Inspector Toolbar.
Bug 669392 - File and Directory paths should be cropped in the middle and not at the beginning of the path.
Bug 701635 - Style Editor should have a page loading placeholder .
Bug 706230 - GCLI should have a jump-to-scratchpad feature.
Bug 715735 - Detail view icon has no dimensions set, causes a relayout when it loads.
Bug 704182 - webconsole forces wacky lists on GCLI.
Bug 713822 - Simplify @media queries.
Customize Toolbar palette: improved styling for separator, spring and spacer.
Bug 712113 - Either brace should be clickable to add new properties in the Style panel's Rule View.
Bug 419231 - Floating scrollbar in the toolbar customization palette is funky.
Fixed a synxtax error in tabview.css.
Buttons, menulists, checkmark, radio: added drop shadow on hover.
Many other little fixes and improvements.

Version 1.8.78 606.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 11.0a1

Updated to Firefox 11.0a1 (Nightly)
Full styling for Firebug
Refined borders of Download Manager.
Improved layout for firebug HTML leftside panel
Bug 610902 - Keyboard shortcuts should appear in grey text
Bug 704123 - Inspect Element background shading in document too dark
Bug 703938 - Move WebConsole style from toolkit to browser
Bug 470628 - Provide a Full Screen button
Bug 684625 - Display a warning when full-screen entered, or on restricted keypress.
Made GCLI panel appear on top of console/hudlog instead of pushing it away...
Bug 699411 - GCLI should use a sensible naming convention for its class names.
Bug 692742 - GCLI popup dialogs sometimes have scrollbars
Bug 703123 - web console 'Web Developer' filter button should be renamed
Bug 583041 - Style Editor integration
Bug 700770 - Style Inspector's Rule View can't scroll vertically
Bug 700243 - Rename csshtmltree.xul's 'header' class.
Bug 699832 - Style Inspector needs a way to display treetwisties that will work on all operating systems
Bug 689759 - Style Inspector needs a no-results placeholder

Version 601.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 11.0a1

Updated to Firefox 11.0a1.
Added support for the new builtin inspector (Firefox 10), including HTML and CSS inspectors.
Added support for GCLI (Firefox 10).

Version 1.8.77 590.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 10.0a1

New and improved scrollbars! No more 'twotone', just simple and subtle shaded bars.
Bug 669260 - Add statistics overlay to video element.
Less flickering in switching tabs in addons manager.
Fix menubar height issue in 'high menubar/tabs on bottom' mode.
Fix support for DownloadBar.
Fix spacing of facebook toolbar.

Version 1.8.76 587.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 10.0a1

maxVersion of FF and TB upped to 9.0a1.
minVersion of FF raised to 3.0 and of TB to 3.1 (dropped support for FF2.0 and TB3.0).
Included support for styleInspector.
Tree: shading for selected rows, and more different between odd rows and unfocussed selected rows.
Improved layout for 'about' dialogbox of extension (fixing overlong box of Firebug).
Bug 669345 - Add support for radio button elements for inline preferences.
Bug 575234 - Create attribute-value editor for HTML inspector.
Bug 674578 - Support resizer[dir="bottomstart"].
listbox: fixed spacing and sizing of listheader-icon.
Bug 688461 - Search result for tabs from other windows is truncated for certain sites.
Made closebutton in addon bar always the first button.
Bug 674229 - Repeat bubbles in Web Console are too close to the Source Link.
Bug 455694 - Animate tab reordering & detaching.
Bug 669656 - [highlighter] Once a node is locked, the highlighter should give a visual feedback.
Bug 663611 - display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups.
Inspector panel: removed resizerbar (moved resizer into the inspector iframe), and removed borders in Areo mode.
Disappearing newtab button fixed: When currentyset is empty force display of newtab button.
tabview: made title of tabgroup size to width of tabgroup.

Version 1.8.74 586.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.0 - 9.0a1

Improved application selection dialog and application handler list in tools/options.
Bug 589132 - Tab group names needs to be cropped on end, with ellipses for long titles
Bug 663611 - display pointer cursor when hovering tab groups
Small cleanup of dropmarker styling in toolbarbutton.css
Nautipolis: fix tabbrowser-tabs background issue on Windows non-Areo themes
Bug 571454 - Back button does not work along edge of screen (would like to see Fitts Law applied when on left most edge of the toolbars)
Bug 645963 - show bookmarks chevron even when toolbar is in text mode
Bug 654721 - Remove the orphan tab concept from Panorama
Bug 664436 - Implement the highlighter without an iframe
Bug 663898 - [highlighter] make sure the selected node is identifiable even on very dark and very light backgrounds.
Fixed issue with spinbuttons in extension manager
Dropped support for Firefox 2.0 as it is no longer supported.
Bug 664788 - console.log(message) doesn't show leading whitespace in message
Bug 642471 - (highlighter) Rewrite PanelHighlighter using transparent xul iframe and canvas

Version 1.8.73 590.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 8.0a1

Fixed Aero border of Scratchpad (FF7.0)
Bug 662012 - Add more settings types to addon manager inline settings (colour type) (FF7.0)
Bug 659163 - Make menulists usable and useful in addon manager inline settings (FF7.0)
Bug 633772 - Web Console cleanup: Use of inheritance to set icons on hud-msg-nodes
Bug 653637 - Provide a simple way for addons to have preferences UI. (FF7.0)
Bug 660229 - about:permissions left-side list auto resizes when string not found. (FF7.0)
Bug 660279 - Change popup notification description max-width to use em instead of px.
Bug 618913 - Implement in product notifications to set up Sync (FF6.0)
Bug 626903 - Indicate onscreen tabs in List All Tabs menu (FF5.0)
Bug 595848 - Support registering custom add-on types that appear in the UI as a regular list (FF5.0)
Bug 656269 - Add link to Mozilla plugin check from Add-ons Manager (FF5.0)
Bug 573176 - Implement Site-Specific Privacy Preferences (FF6.0)
Fix a bug with youtabe and PDF reader(s) in Firefox 5.0 and higher in Aero/hardware accel. modus.
Fixed width of editBookmarkPanel
Windows/dialogs better framing for all different Windows themes (Aero, Classic, Basic).
Improved page info selector buttons.
Greyscale extension/themes icons in addons manager using svg filter
DirListing: better margins, and only allow textselect on path.
Grey urlbar icon for inactive/empty pages.
Menubar not next to tabs, as menubar can be larger than expected (due to extensions adding to the menubar).
Aero border for toolbars.
Max-width for tabs, removed so that they bigger (when there is enough room).
about:support: Fix text justification.
about: Made H1 slightly smaller.

Version 1.8.72 585.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 7.0a1

Updated to Nightly 6.0a1, Aurora 5.0a2.
Aero effect for more windows (Downloads, Options, PageInfo, PrintSetup, About, etc).
Addons Manager: right align buttons of warning/update/pending.
About:Credits: fixed spacing of firstcap.
Made treeline a little bit more visible.
Fix import wizard dataSource list styling.
Give more OK buttons the OK icon..

Version 1.8.71 585.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 5.*

Very probably the last update before the final FF4.0 is released!
Added styling for the about:home page.
Made styling more consistent across all the about pages.
Improved styling for splitmenu's in the appmenu (Bug 628049 and Bug 638116).
Bug 611795 - Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one.
Fixed spacing of text in URLBar (and other inputs).
Bug 631827 - Use CSS to set the "align" and "pack" attributes on Add-ons Manager to make easier for themes to handle items
Bug 635608 - Clean up sizemode=normal & disablechrome styling for aero glass.
Bug 624936 - Cannot close tab group if it has certain size because 'rename' field pops up and overlays close button
Bug 611795 - Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one.
Bug 633213 - An invalid (non-functional) Scroll bar is present in the Panorama view where the AppTabs icons should be displayed,
Bug 631649 - CSS error -moz-column-count since bug 595965 landed.
Updated support for downloadbar

Version 1.8.70 582.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0.*

Fixed styling of exit&search buttons in tabview/panorama.
Simplified coding for the favicon in the urlbar.
Better colors for url and status in webconsole.
Fixed the squashing of toolbarbutton icons when placed in the addon bar.
Fixed alignment of the arrow panel.
Fixed bookmarks toolbarbutton in large iconsize.
Added missing icon for IndexedDB message panel.
Replaced the ugly icons in the webconsole.

Updated to latest Firefox 4.0 beta 11 and the current nightly, fixing bugs:
Bug 609127 - The "gripper" to resize the window on Mac OS X interferes with items in the add-on bar
Bug 595965 - App tabs bleed out of the group box
Bug 631192 - Overlay with status messages is misaligned with aero glass in non-maximized windows.
Bug 631856 - sidebar splitter visible above new statuspanel.
Bug 610557 - Tab group resizer handle hover area is too small. Expand it to the edge of the group container.
Bug 623211 - Add-ons manager add-on author name and link should be removed from list view
Bug 613749 - Fix tab-modal prompt sizing.
Bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen.
Bug 589146 - Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover
Bug 611440 - Smart abbreviation for URLs in the Web Console
Bug 610557 - Tab group resizer handle hover area is too small
Bug 617553 - Doorhanger for add-on installation failures inside the AOM has no parent with chrome hidden
Bug 605621 - Web Console output box should be reskinned
Bug 608468 - Details View should include the add-on Summary text from AMO
Bug 623597 - Properly align layout elements in net inspector when horizontal scrolling is needed
Bug 526445 - Rearrange Sync prefs panel.
Bug 526445 - Sync pref pane: Get rid of Connect/Disconnect button.
Bug 585253 - Submenus in Firefox Button should be larger (localized strings are not fully displayed).

Version 1.8.69 576.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0.*

Hotfix to undo the unwanted changes caused by:
Bug 572160 - Put tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized.
Fix Firebug toolbar/editbox issue.
Windows 7/Areo: Even better menu/tabbar handling in Area:
menubar hidden in both tas under and on top will result in Area Glass.
With tabsontop, tabs are in titlebar area, otherwise menubar will show (on alt) in titlebar.
Bug 570012: Show download progress when installing new add-ons.

Version 1.8.68 576.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b9pre

Updated for version 4.0.*!
Added support for QuickFox Notes.
Improved support for Windows 7 Areo Glass
Improvements to toolbarbutton.css: [checked="true"]:not([type="menu-button"]) - don't style this as 'checked', as it is a menu-button.
.toolbarbutton-menubutton-button{-moz-box-orient:vertical} -> move to global.css, as it is only for .toolbarbutton-1
dirListing: made header smaller
radiogroup: less margin
DataManager: reducing spacing of permissions list

Firefox 4.0 Beta updates:
maxVersion update to 4.0b9pre
Bug 601143 - Add loading and error states to the get add-ons view.
Bug 615318 - Add a "not now" choice to all doorhanger notification split buttons
Bug 618437 - No indication of blocked popups when the notification bar is disabled.
Bug 588764 - Add border around content area.
Bug 601183 - Investigate Bespin/Safari-style completion styling for the Web Console
Bug 615283 - Fix the recent RTL theme regressions on Panorama
Bug 616014 - Add close button to the add-on bar.
Bug 602682 - Sync UI: Implement easy setup.
Bug 612699 - Sync UI: Update to simplify crypto
Bug 589435 - Style Firefox button's submenus
Bug 601667 - Web Console toolbar stylin, part 2 & 3
Bug 612300 - Web Console opening and closing transition is too slow
Bug 595432 - Use an arrow panel for the invalid form popup
Bug 615980 - 64x64 icons shouldn't be squished down to 48x48
Bug 594433 - Ensure the matched tab isn't over the search box in the Panorama UI
Bug 615481 - Doorhanger (popup) notifications need a maximum width and the text needs to wrap if necessary
Bug 606343 - part 2, centre arrow on anchor in notification panel
Bug 597557 - use arrow panel for bookmarks and identity panel
Bug 606160 - CSS updates for fx button after caption button padding changes.
Bug 610643 - Maximized titlebar background offset should equal the window origin offset for proper placement.
Bug 547787 - New style for the tab bar on Mac.
Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well.
Bug 594429 - Update the live filter search button in Panorama UI.
Addons Manager: Bug 601022 - Add final visual style and graphics to add-ons manager.

Version 1.8.67 562.0 KiB Works with Firefox 2.0 - 4.0b8pre

Smaller header for feeds display
Cleanup: Removed old files (Firefox 1.x)
FF4 only:
RTL fixes for apppmenu and for searchbar.
Bug 608637 - Panorama exit button should perhaps reflect the number of groups as well
Bug 598786 - Visual design for tab-modal prompts.
Bug 59314 - Alerts should be content-modal, not window-modal.
Bug 610769 - Align the Firefox menu with the Firefox button
Bug 596315 - Animate the opening and closing of the Web Console.
Bug 607163 - webConsole.css should be in browser.xul.
Bug 594367 - Keep the firefox button lit when the window is inactive.
bug 610123 - bustage fix (probably also in beta7, but that is not clear).
Pinned tab sizing issue during reload fixed.
Tab icon of file (file://c|/) browsing fixed
Bug 588655 - Part 2: When in private browsing mode, make the Firefox button purple
Bug 465839 - Add a binding for touch enabled video and audio controls
Fixed Toolbar disappearance when both tabsontop and 'browser.tabs.autohide' are true.
Bug 602964 - return to using non deterministic throbbers (remove progress line / bar implementation)
Backing out bug 597178 due to a change of plans.
Bug 600646 - Speed up the new tab animation
Fixed header spacing of addons-manager
Bug 592900 - Update the bookmarks menu from the nav toolbar to match changes in the Firefox menu.
Bug 595317 - Scrollbars don't appear in the details view. (I already fixed this in my themes)
Bug 597178 - about:addons has extra back-forward buttons. (Only removes some rules, which you may want to keep for Beta7)
Bug 566605 - Download progress widget doesn't update its progress meter.