Needs some work Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I haven't even used this add-on yet, but am giving it 3 stars because it looks like a good idea, but needs some work.

For example, I installed the add-on, restarted firefox, and the add-on window comes up to tell me that it was installed. I go to click preferences to start setting it up, but the button is ghosted and does nothing! I ended up having to watch the youtube video to find out that the settings are actually accessed from the TOOLS menu! - Doh! Why put them there when they should in the preferences where they belong (with the others) At-least make this an option of where the settings show up. I do NOT need them in the tools menu.

Also, I do not need a new item in my right click menu either. There needs to be an option to turn that off. I already have enough stuff in my right click menu and because I am stuck to a small laptop screen that has very little vertical space, which means every time I right click, I have to scroll up and down. This is just one more item that is unneeded and needs an option to be removed.

Finally, the interface needs a lift. The * # sections in the preferences are confusing and need to be replaced with something else. The interface definably needs an overhaul.

Once these changes are made, I believe this add-on will be great, and I will come back to re-review it!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3.6). 

Please submit a fully completed review

Thankyou for your feedback :)
Your suggestions will be included in the next planned release.

I am disappointed, however, that you have not actually used the add-on yet. As such that means your review is incomplete and you have missed an opportunity to provide additional feedback that could be considered for inclusion in the next release. So if you have the time, then please do try the add-on and submit a fully completed review with ALL your feedback / suggestions / request for additional features. This way I will be able to consider ALL your feedback rather than only partial, incomplete feedback. It is important to software developers to get ALL feedback from users. I encourage feedback / suggestions / request for additional features from all users so that those suggestions can be considered for future releases.

If you are genuinely interested I can include you as a beta tester for pre-release versions of this add-on. If you are interested in beta testing then please send me your email via my website (I wont publish your email).

Thanks again and I hope to receive your fully completed review after you have actually used this add-on.