for static web-sites or small applications Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I would rather not give a rating and therefore give 5 stars anyway... Having used Molybdenum extensively I can confirm that the tool does a great job in testing a web-site.

Unfortunately, my own tests had to run against full-blown multi-tier web-applications, each of a size that you would probably call "considerable". Not did a lack of features unnerve me, but the fact, that with the growing size of the test-scenario-files, bricks and data-sets, Molybdenum slowly became *unusable*. First, you have to edit the XML in an external editor, than the timeouts become more frequent and in the end, your results and work-speed become anything.., aleatory.I am not free to choose my tools and consider our returning to Selenium a progress, while I would love to dive into Watir, instead.