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This is a nice add-on. But I miss the possibility to go forward. Actually, I am looking for an add-on that provides Rocker navigation as in Opera, e.g. holding down one mouse button and then clicking the other mouse button goes back/forward. There are three add-ons that can do that:

1. FireGestures:
Is nice and lightweight enough, but of all things it provides, just the Rocker gestures have a bug and don't work properly.

2. All-in-one Gestures:
Works, but is too bloated considering that I only use the Rocker gestures.

3. Mouse Gestures Redox:
It's the best of those three, but also too much for my needs.

It would be nice if there was an add-on that provides Rocker gestures only, so that it's lightweight but with navigation function as in Opera.

There once was such an add-on, but unfortunately it's outdated and not working for current versions of Firefox:


Besides, it's not true that going forward is used rarely . Of course, going back is used more often. But there are users like me who switch very often back and forth again between two pages, for example when I see something I overlooked, just the very moment I already clicked the Back button. Then it's very convenient to go forth again just as quickly as going back.

Regarding other ideas in here: I think that double-click on white space in order to go forward is not a good idea. Because double-click is also used to mark single words in a text. And this would interfere with add-ons for search and word-lookup.

Rocker navigation is still the best. If there would be a simple add-on as the outdated one I mentioned, it would be awesome and unique. Not everyone uses mouse gestures in the way of drawing mouse trails. Some users only want the simple Rocker navigation as in Opera. As for me, I think that Rocker navigation is much more convenient than mouse gestures as in FireGestures etc., because users don't have to hold down the right mouse button and then make a move. They can leave their wirst rested and just tip with their fingers. This is much more intuitive and easy. I reckon that many users would use it. But in those mouse gesture addons Rocker navigation is de-activated in all of them. So probably most users even don't know about this awesome way of navigating.

Any user I know who ever tried Opera, they all wonder where Rocker navigation is in Firefox. They all miss it. And so do I, because I'm a former Opera user. But I switched ot Firefox, because of all the add-ons. However, I still couldn't find a simple add-on that provides Rocker gestures only.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.6.4). 

Thank you for writing such a long review. It is great to have different addons for different needs. Still there is no addon I can use to middle-click to go back and middle- click on links to open it in new tab except my addon.