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MAFIAAFIRE: Gee! No evil!

End-User License Agreement

MAFIAAFIRE: Gee! No evil! requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

Use this for good, not evil.

You may not install this if you are affiliated with the RIAA or MPAA (MAFIAA) or ICE or DHS - in knowingly doing so you admit that you are a scumbag and hypocrite who does not respect intellectual property - if said intellectual property belongs to someone else.

(Oh! It was fun writing the above!)

If you are one of the people who are affiliated with the RIAA/MPAA, ICE, DHS, executive at the big 4 record labels or movie studios, or one of the corrupt politicians who gets funding from the former or one of the scumbags who keeps pushing for copyright extensions - you may only install this addon if you ask the first person you meet to punch you in the nose, and keep doing it till it bleeds profoundly.

Failure to do the above and installing the addon is a breach of the user agreement and will have the (hopeful) result of the devil pushing pineapples up your behind when you finally die and go to hell.

Use this in good health and fight the MAFIAA!

You may not use our code to start Skynet :P

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