Luddite UI Version History

18 versions

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Version 0.2.11 45.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 28.*

New to 0.2.11:

- Hide placeholder text in html:textarea when focused.
- Compatibility for Firefox 19+ placeholder text.
- Added option to force Directwrite fonts.
- Removed option for Azure since it follows HWA setting.
- Removed option for Full Screen API since disabling breaks sites.
- Added option for Social, and support to hide unused Social elements.
- Force warnOnCloseOtherTabs to follow setting for warnOnClose.

Version 45.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 20.0a1

New to 0.2.10:

- Hide placeholder text when xul:textbox or html:input is focused by default (Firefox 15 fix).
- Fixed tab drag-n-drop indicator by default.
- Added Graphics options under General (not touched by presets).
- Removed explicit support for versions between ESR-10 and Firefox-15.0.
- Added option to revert urlbar suggestion matches style to bold for Firefox 16+.
- Ported some new options from Release prefs over to the ESR-specific prefs.

New to

- Fixed shadow on tab strip that I accidentally disabled.

Version 0.2.9 48.1 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 19.0a1

New to 0.2.9:

- Click on security lock to show Page Info: Security.
- Fixed Firefox 17 compatibility with disable fast mousewheel scrolling.
- Added option to colorize toolbarbuttons.
- Added option to use classic downloads panel for Firefox 15+.
- Limited to Windows only... sorry OSX and Linux users, I have no way of testing and fixing problems on those platforms.

Version 0.2.8 46.1 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 17.0a1

- With tabs on top disabled and toolbar separators enabled, selected tab text is bolded.

For Firefox 15+:
- Added entries for Responsive Design View, Developer Toolbar, and Debugger for Devtools option.
- Added options for smooth scrolling, restore on demand, do not track.
- Changed Home Page option to a drop-down.

Version 0.2.6 46.1 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 16.*

New to 0.2.5:

- Fixed Ultimate Luddite preset keyword.ULR setting.
- Added option to restore search engine notifications and included in presets.
- Changed force home page to ''.
- Gave tabstoolbar a background and separator if toolbar separators are enabled.
- Styling fixes to identity box.

New to 0.2.4:

- Added a preference page for Pages on Release and Dev tracks.
- Moved Home Page from General to Pages.
- Moved New Tab Page from Tabs to Pages.
- Moved Addressbar Search from Addressbar to Pages.
- Cleaned up toolbar separators.
- Changed white icons override to work with any theme.

New to 0.2.2:

- Worked on making urlbar favicon more consistent.
- Added option under Addressbar to change the urlbar search.
- Fixed toolbar separators options on bookmarks toolbar.
- Made urlbar favicon and identity box colors option only work for Firefox 14+.
- Fixed disable tabs on top option to work better.
- Fixed position of status text in aero border mode.

New to 0.2.1:

- Changed the identity box colors slightly.
- Completely re-wrote the code to disable dark backgrounds for images.
- Put the white icons override into the presets.
- Added option to restore the busy mouse cursor under General and added to presets.
- Removed bottom and side borders on bottom toolbar when Aero border is on.
- Added option to restore toolbar separator and added to presetss.

- Created separate prefs panel for Development versions and added Firefox 15 support:
-- Updated the way identity box colors are done to work in Firefox 15.
-- Added option to disable in-Content Options and added to presets.
-- Added option to disable PDF.js.
-- Cleaned up the toolbar backgrounds in Firefox 15 (screwed up by lack of tabs-on-bottom).

New to 0.2 (Mostly Firefox 14 compatibility):

- More fixes to White icons override styles.
- Removed extra side borders in content area when Aero Glass: Border option is selected.
- Combined tab closers / do not hide closer options together in the "All" option.
- Added an option under Addressbar > Suggesstions to limit to 0.
- Separate pref panel for ESR and Release versions, with a few different options.
- Added warning colors to identity box for broken encryption and attack sites.
- Option to restore favicons in the urlbar.
- Option to disable urlbar autofill.

New to 0.1.10:

- Isolated Aero glass border and aero white icons override to Windows only.
- Expanded the aero white icons override to include dropmarkers etc.

New to 0.1.9:

- Update to support Firefox 14: added option to restore colors to identity box. (default theme only)

New to 0.1.8:

- Fixed the White icons override to work in new versions. (default theme only).

Version 0.1.7 26.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 30.*

New to 0.1.7:

- Moved New Tab options to Tabs section.

New to 0.1.6:

- Option to disable New Tab Page.

Version 0.1.5 26.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 13.*

New to 0.1.5:

- Added a timer for the forced preset restart, so that the homepage loads properly.

New to 0.1.4:

- Added hidden preferences to run the Presets for managed deployments.
- Moved all JS into global.js.

New to 0.1.3:

- Added Firefox 4.0 presets.
- Rearranged options under Tabs pane.
- Added option to show default or classic toolbars for presets and under Toolbars.
- Rearranged order of preset buttons.
- Removed Restart button from options dialog.

Version 0.1.2 25.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 13.*

New to 0.1.2:

- Compatibility bump for Firefox 12 Beta.
- Option to completely disable forward button.
- Updated view image on dark background style to un-center the image.
- Fixed issues with Firefox 12 and disabling tabs-on-top.
- Added option to undo auto-hiding the all-tabs button for Firefox 12.

Version 0.1 24.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 12.0a1

New to this version:

- Rearranged and organized items in the prefwindow better.
- Made preset lists more descriptive and accurate.
- Ready to see some reviews folks!

Version 0.1b9 23.6 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0

- Removed page titles from simple urlbar autocomplete list.
- Added option for yellow background for urlbar on secure sites.
- Show secure lock icon for secure sites.
- Added options for go button: never or always.
- Added option for Geolocation.
- Added Presets for Firefox 3.0.
- Changed some of the presets.

Version 0.1b8 21.5 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0

- Changed how the defaults are reset.
- Fixed styling for classic titlebar.
- Changed Firefox 2.0 urlbar match results to Url only.
- Changed Homepage option to a button that forces old start page.
- Changed how Bookmarks Toolbar Button is hidden.
- Changed setTimeout method to avoid setTimeout warnings.
- Changed how the star-button command is added to avoid setAttribute warnings.
- Created informational dialogs for major sea-change buttons which automatically restart Firefox.

Version 0.1b7 17.4 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0


- Added setTimeout before calling startup functions, fixes problems with toolbars disabling/enabling.
- Fixed urlbar combined reload/stop buttons during toolbarbutton resets.
- Created a global Restart button for the prefwindow.
- Fixed trailing menuseparators in menus when DevTools disabled. (is actually a Firefox bug)
- Added option for classic titlebar.

Version 0.1b6 16.4 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0

Major rewrite. Now includes preference panel with both presets and in-depth line-item controls.

Version 0.1b5 10.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0

Disabled more things. Fine-tuned some other things.

Version 0.1b4 10.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 11.0

Mmm buttons!

Version 0.1b3 8.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 10.0

Added more stuff.

Version 0.1b2 8.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 and later

Fixed a few bugs, removed some non-working preferences, simplified the options.

Version 0.1b1 7.2 kB Works with Firefox 10.0a1 - 10.0