Some criticism, compliments and suggestions Rated 4 out of 5 stars

So, have does this compare to extremely similar and powerful features of FireBug extension - as from explanation it seems to me that this is more like a "demo version" of FB would be (if there were such thing) but I have not tried this so far...

So, are there any with experience of both these plugins? If so, which one is generally better? What are the pros and cons of this plugin compared to FireBug? Whichever is better is there a reason why I might want to have bost installed and ready to use?

Also a feature reguest: You could make it remember you changes if you wan't - not all, just make a checkbox and if user selects it then the changes made for that particular page will be remebered. Additionally you could select if changes are remebered on only that one page, a whole subset of pages under certain server subdirectory (ie. someones homepage) or even the whole server. That would be cool, although can be also made with plugin (whatsitsname) that allows user scripts run after page has loaded so with javascript skills you could write a script that always does the changes... but that's not for newbies and even use who could do it would prefer simpler way like this.

P.S. Suggesting this also to FireBug authors. You can mail me about this: robsku$ (replace the $-sign with @).