elegant solution for simple needs Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Sorry, my last review was meant for another add-on, not this one. I guess something got mixed up when pressing submit. Because this one is a good add-on. Sorry for my mistake. I like this add-on, because it is lightweight and able to remember marked text on a webpage. When you come back to that page, the text is still colored. The developer found a very clean and smart solution for this. He stores the information about marked text in webpages in a simple textfile (linemarker.txt) in the profile folder. Nothing with DOM-storage ("Super Cookies") for example, which would be lost when using an add-on such as Better Privacy that erases those for reasons of privacy protection. Also nothing written in about:config as other add-ons sometimes abuse this in order to store data there instead of only prefs. And also not sql database that tend to bloat up the profile folder. Very nice solution, packed into only 15 kb. Good work! Thank you.

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