Absolutely brilliant idea Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant extension, the genius behind the idea is as plain as your nose, which ever way you look at it. And yes, perfect for Twitter users wishing to click through short links without having to be involved in the continuous OUTRAGE of the dreaded Daily Fail.

To the developer, I have two requests: would it be possible please to have an option to add other domains to the redirect? Strikes me this would be pretty easy. Or failing that, maybe a grid of checkboxes to enable/disable a selection of "news" sources. I'd like The Sun to get the same treatement, ideally. [ http://dontbuythesun.co.uk/ ].

Secondly, is it possible to have the link read and processed before the original website is accessed by the browser? At the minute, you can sometimes see the DM site appear before you are subsequently redirected. This means that he DM is still getting to record a hit on the page when these links are clicked. It would be even better if the traffic never reached their site.

Either way, thanks for a great idea and a great extension!