Does not work. Useless docs. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

The tutorial, advanced tutorial, and manual are incomprehensible. A video or two showing setup would have helped.

However, the software itself becomes impossible to use when one cannot penetrate the documentation. It continually asks you to load the password database, and continues to do so after saying OK. Does not appear to work at all, at least on Windows 8.

On Chrome, use ChromeIPass. On Firefox, it is best to rely on the built-in integration that KeePass 2.0 provides. Either press CTRL-ALT-A from the form, or more reliably, click first in the username field, then highlight the correct entry in KeePass and hit Ctrl-V, which works almost all the time.

This addon is a poorly written and unreliable. The documentation looks like it was written by a schizophrenic.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Sorry to hear you had problems getting it to work. KeeFox 1.3 (currently in beta testing) will include an overhaul to the way the KeeFox connects to KeePass so hopefully that can help us to understand why it's not working on your machine.

Generally people seem to find the manual, documentation and tutorial clear enough but I understand it is of most use when everything is already working properly. Perhaps there are some improvements we could make to help you get it to that working state in the first place. If you've not checked out the troubleshooting guide recently, it might be worth taking a look - I've added a lot more information about some of the more common problems people have when getting it set up:|-Troubleshooting

I can't recall if it's mentioned in there or not but I've also heard that the presence of ChromeIPass' KeePass plugin will prevent KeeFox from working so it might be worth testing without that installed.

If you have any specific feedback about the documentation then feel free to mention it on the forum:

Or even make the improvements yourself if they relate to the content in the wiki.