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My passwords are kept safe in a KeePass PasswordSafe database http://goo.gl/wcV8t.
I do not want to see them in plain text in Firefox.
This is where KeeFox, which bridges the gap between two worlds, an heavy online Firefox
and the other one, a super tight KeePass Password.
KeeFox wonder when to open KeePass. I can close at any time.
Thus, every morning I run KeePass and forget it for the rest of the day.
KeeFox is extremely flexible, combining various urls for a single site with a single password.
KeeFox also creates on the fly a login / password to a new site.
Thus, through my surfing, I can register on a site and have both the username/passwd in KeePass via KeeFox.
Now, no one knows my passwords through firefox.
I can erase in Firefox my search history of all secured sites like my bank and gmail.
And access it from KeePass ; KeeFox taking care to perform the automatic capture of login / password.

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