Rated 4 out of 5 stars

A great idea, and it works in _most_ text-editing areas. But not, for some reason, in Yahoo Mail, which is primarily why I tried it. Can that be fixed, or is there something about YM's editor that prevents it?

BTW, I don't know why the previous reviewer ranted like that. When you open IAT's Options, it clearly says the cache folder—which is intended to be temporary anyway (that's why it's called "cache", not "backup")—is auto-cleaned every 7 days. If I were a developer, I'd never assume anyone wanted a cache folder to keep accumulating content for even more than one or two days.

If you want local copies of anything you're writing, you need to specifically save them that way, not assume that temporary copies will be retained for any length of time. Local editors (e.g. Microsoft Word) keep temporary copies too, so the user doesn't lose the work they're immediately doing if there's a problem with the app or the system. These copies are eventually deleted automatically, too.

Here's what I _really_ don't get: If this ranting user was actually using IJT's cache folder as a working file folder, they would've had to open ITJ's Options to see its location (hidden away in a sub-subfolder of the user's Firefox profile). Which means they also saw the auto-clean warning. So I guess I'll apologize for them for their baffling and unnecessarily abusive behavior.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.9.2).