Meta - lost my review :-( Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I just typed a review using my editor and it got totally lost - there was a blank review until I edited and typed all this.
So one star off.

edit: Hmm very strange, the reply by Christian shows my earlier review, which didnt get onto the mozilla site! Anyway, thanks christian for your reply. I'll check out the wiki, and add a bug ticket if this happens again in a reproducible manner. I put back the star.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

That's weird, I got this email for your review...

This is the email I got for your review. I came here to respond and saw that the review got lost. Very weird:

> Great add on. Didnt realize how much I missed this until I actually thought one day "wonder if there is an addon to do this", and lo and behold.
> A few nits:
> 1. I wish it worked on non-textarea input fields like yahoo mail.
> 2. It's quite slow to put the text back in the area. I wonder what the fade and refresh options are for and whether they will help in this case.
>3. Which brings me to my final nit - the documentation is lacking.
>But that said, I typed above with my crusty old vi editor and this feels so awesome!

1. I wish I could make it work for those, too. But they hide the textarea they submit (if they have one, some don't). The textarea may not be updated until submit time, and finally, most don't accept updates in the textarea themselves.

2. It's because Firefox cannot subscribe to filesystem events to detect the change immediately. Instead, it just checks every few seconds (2 or 3) and then, only if the page that has the texarea has focus. :-(

3. I agree. If you want to help by either outlining what should be done or even writing the documentation at I'd appreciate it.