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If It's All Text dies with an "exited with a status of 1" error in .deb-based flavors of Linux like Ubuntu, here's how to fix that error.

To see if this will fix your error, run this command:

sudo aa-status

If you get output like "14 profiles are in enforce mode" then these instructions will work for you - continue with the following steps.

Look in the /etc/apparmor.d/ folder for a file called (or starts with) usr.bin.firefox.

Edit that file with your favorite editor using superuser priveleges. You'll need to add a line that points to the editor that you configured It's All Text to use. In my case, that's kate, and the path to kate's binary is /usr/bin/kate.

Using the above path, add one or two lines into the middle of usr.bin.firefox, like this:

# I added this on 2/17/2012 to allow firefox access to the kate binary for the It's All Text addin
/usr/bin/kate ixr,

The line that starts with # is just a comment. The /usr/bin/kate portion must point to your editor. The ixr portion gives Firefox permission to run your editor. The comma at the end of the line is required.

To make this change be seen by Firefox, either restart your computer, or run this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor restart

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (