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If The maker of imagebot needs money, we can understand that, post multiple banner ads on your website, and encourage users to click on them even if there not interested (this has helped a lot of people on other sites)

the ad trigger only counts once per user so it doesn't matter if the user clicks on it 50 times or loads imagebot 50 times, it will only count for 1 ad hit so why make users suffer through a oversized permanently placed ad that takes up half the screen if if will only help you 1 time?

make a special page on your website that has like 30 banner ads, then users who cant donate can just randomly click on those banners and you will make much more money from that (some torrent sites use this to pay for hosting cost as not many users can donate but many users can quickly open 30 tabs worth of banner ads then close them and give the site a ad hit

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.0.2).