This add-on is essential to my daily work Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A previous reviewer asked, "what's the point? What repetitive tasks do people do in a web browser?" and challenged other reviewers to give examples. Here is mine: I am an administrator of a learning management system that is completely managed from the web - for me iMacros saves me hours and hours of time each week. For example, if I need to register a large group of people for a course, iMacros allows me to do this from a spreadsheet rather than doing each registration manually. You could argue that the system I am using should have this function built-in, but it just doesn't so iMacros picks up the slack.
Another task I am about to do today is create around 100 learning events, and again, instead of having to type these in manually in the "learning event creation form," I can create the events in a spreadsheet, export to csv, and then iMacros can do all the repetitive form filling based on the csv file. It is truly a beautiful thing to be able to do something else while iMacros churns away, saving me time and probably also saving me from carpel tunnel or some other repetitive physical strain, not to mention saving my mental health.

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