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I hate using addons that require a bloated senseless contribution while one could always use this: http://userstyles.org/styles/1940 (collapsed iGoogle) to fix something else the idiots at google think was a smart move

well, I couldn't find a way to respond to a message so ended up editing it.
I just meant if developers just priced it sensible people wouldn't think twice. Think McDonalds. Think 99c. I would not even have searched for an alternative. As for the alternative, no contributions were required. They are ad-driven. Yes, I clicked on the ad.

r r,
This addon is provided for free. There is no required contribution. People just donate because they feel it is the right thing to do to keep development going. I am glad you found a solution which works for you. You can use a user script but not everyone is as adept as you. I do hope that you contribute to my fellow developers which enabled you to run your script in Firefox.