Needs to allow custom icons Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I like a many of the features of the add-on. Principally, it is nice that I can have it generate a favicon for a subdomain even if the site has one.

However, it really needs the ability to specify what icon to use for a site. This has been mentioned many times in the past and the author has said you can not use it on that site or use Favicon Picker 3.

You can't. Favicon Picker 3 is now called Bookmark Favicon changer. It does allow you to upload your own icons, but the icons are only saved in the bookmarks and are not used on the tabs (and you can only specify an icon for individual pages, not domains or subdomains).

You you can use BookMark Favicon changer to specify a favicon for your bookmarks and use whatever you want, or you can use IdentFavIcon and use a random Favicon that is generated from the domain name, but has no obvious connection to the website's identity.

It would be great if there were an add-on either like IdentFavIcon but it allowed you to select your own icon for a website, or like Bookmark Favicon Changer, but it allowed you to specify an icon for the tab menu and for the domain.

And that it got ported to SeaMonkey, but ...