Fix for misaligned Min-Max-Close buttons and other small fixes Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a great extension for saving vertical space on screen, and styling. A must have for laptop screens, especially used along with Tiny Menu or other menu shrinking addons.

Since 2.7.1 version the major issues caused by the changes in the browser UI after FF 12.0a1, has been solved. The only thing still around is making Min-Max-Close buttons to act as part of the upper bars, especially for fullscreen, but the solution is satisfactory. Also it seems the impact on the performance of the browser speed has been reduced (with FF nightlies at least), and the issue of the buggy random double upper bar has vanished.

Anyway if you still use the system buttons preference with the latests HCTP versions you may be still getting Min-Max-Close buttons misalignments problems (began with 2.6.0), I've made a userstyle to solve this, and also included some other small fixes, especially for hiding buttons on fullscreen (Stylish needed):

This extension should be part of FF, or at least FF developers should pave the way for his author, to achieve the smooth integration this extension deserves to be absolutely great.(FF 18.0a1 32-bit on win)

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